Raglani Making Sweet Music Again

As the 2006 season started, there was every reason to believe that his remarkable performance in 2005 had been merely an overture for Anthony Raglani -- that the full body of his work was about to come.

He entered this past year with just six games of professional experience, yet every day he seemed to grow in his job. Playing in the demanding Florida State League, he became, by the year's end, one of the strongest hitters in the league, finishing a robust .289-19-77. It seemed almost certain that he'd advance to AA this year and build upon that.

Yet, here it is, the end of June and, once more, Raglani is back at Vero Beach for the time he spent at Jacksonville was anything but rewarding. He seemed confused at the plate with the result that it was all he could do to keep his average above. 200. He did hit four homers but with his mark at .212, he was dispatched downward.

He believes he can pinpoint the source of his problem. "I started doing things I shouldn't at the plate. Mainly, I went into a crouch too much. That's not me. In order for me to be effective, I have to be upright and still. So, I'm back here to work on that."

And when he returned, it seemed for awhile like he brought that dark cloud that was hovering overhead with him, for, though, he hit the ball hard upon occasion, it always wound up in somebody's globe. Always.

But he finally got locked in and did it in most dramatic fashion -- a three-run shot over the fence. Since, then he's kept up the pace, having several multi-hit games. That average that never seemed to get off the schneid is up to a respectable .270 now -and climbing.

Last year's performance was more than good enough for Raglani to win the Guy Wellman Award given by Dodger Dugout each year to the top rookie for those six previous games hardly disqualified him in that area. Now, his goal is "To get back up to Jacksonville before the year's over and to help them in the playoffs."

Jacksonville will be there by virtue of winning the first half. Don't count Raglani out from moving up to be part of the post-season for he's just begun to play the tune he's capable of carrying.

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