A Check of the Players at the Half-Way Pole

The Fourth of July is traditionally considered the halfway point in baseball so it's a good time to pause and consider once again how the top Dodger prospects, as rated at the start of the season, are faring.

1- Chad Billingsley, rhp, Los Angeles- Well, he's in The Show but he's not showing what he's capable of producing-yet. His last start was much smoother. 0-2, 4.90.

2- Andy LaRoche, 3b, Las Vegas- The labrum tear in his right shoulder wasn't as severe as it could have been so he's back in the lineup. He's batting .300.

3- Joel Guzman, of, Las Vegas- Hasn't been doing badly but then hasn't had a breakout season, either. .288-7-42.

4- Russell Martin, c, Los Angeles- The trade of Dioner Navarro confirmed what Martin has done- made himself the starting catcher for some time to come. Hitting .297. Not bad, huh?

5- Scott Elbert, lhp, Vero Beach- Never mind that 5-5 record. He's throwing the ball better than any other pitcher in the Florida State League. His ERA is 2.37 and he's struck out 97 in 83.2 innings.

6- Matt Kemp, of, Los Angeles- The original plan was for his big league stay to be relatively short. Right now with a .291 average and seven home runs, he may well have found a home.

7- James Loney, 1b, Las Vegas- Only Nomar Garciaparra's comeback is keeping him down on the farm. He's batting .378 and, please note, the power is coming, too as he has seven homers.

8- Blake DeWitt, 2b, Vero Beach- He's been streaky but he, too, is starting to produce power. Hitting .275 with 12 home runs.

9-Jonathan Broxton, lhp, Los Angeles- Has won a spot in the L.A. bullpen. 1-0, 2.62.

10- Greg Miller, lhp, Las Vegas- He's getting used to coming in from the 'pen more frequently. Still having command problems as 17 walks in 19 innings indicates but he's throwing 95. 1-0, 3.66.

11- Justin Orenduff, rhp, Jacksonville- Sidelined by shoulder ache. Has surgery to determine cause. Was 4-2, 3.40 when he went out.

12- Hong Chi Kuo, lhp, Las Vegas- Didn't deliver in another shot in L.A. (0-4, 5.60), so it's back down to regroup.

13- Tony Abreu, 2b, Jacksonville- Is starting to hit the way he's capable of. Has his average up to .289 now.

14- Andre Ethier, of, Los Angeles- You think the Dodgers aren't pleased they took him in the Milton Bradley deal? They're rapturous. Batting .344.

15- Delwyn Young, of, Las Vegas- He's his usual streaky self. Has 25 doubles, 11 home runs and 54 RBI while batting .279.