Some Disappointments- So Far, Anyway

Although the Dodger farm system is starting to produce more than its share of likely prospects, there are always going to be those who fail to live up to expectations. Here are a few that so far this season haven't measured up to what was anticipated:

D. J. Houlton, rhp, Las Vegas-- After pitching fairly well for the Dodgers last year, it was felt that he should go back down, polish up his curve ball and return to help out. Hasn't happened so far- he's 4-9, 6.20.

Hong-Chi Kuo, lhp, Las Vegas- Has had two shots with L.A. to be a prime set-up man. Didn't do it either time and hasn't been too impressive with the 51's either- 0-4, 5.60 with L.A; 1-0, 4.20 with opponents hitting .288 against him with Las Vegas.

Cory Dunlap, 1b, Vero Beach- A couple of years ago, he was looked on as a coming hitter. Not any more. He's improved his power a bit (nine home runs) but a .229 average shows he's no great threat in his second tour at Vero.

Julio Pimentel, rhp, Vero Beach. Can flash superior stuff but the results aren't there. Failed as a starter and isn't cutting it in relief, either. 3-7, 4.63.

Lance Carter, rhp, Las Vegas. Picked up in a trade with the notion that he'd thrive as a set-up man. He flopped as a Dodger (0-1, 8.49 ) and, although his stats at Vegas are respectable (1-2, 3.86) the Dodgers placed him on waivers and nobody claimed him which shows there's no demand for his services.

Joel Guzman, of, Las Vegas- It's not that he's having a wretched season. He's doing okay (.281-9-42) but "okay" is not what was expected out of this highly touted individual, especially in the hitter-friendly PCL.

Jordan Pratt, rhp, Columbus- Last year it seemed he was arriving as a factor. This year, he's not. Another whose results belie his stuff. Has a 5.80 ERA, having given up 54 hits in 49 innings.

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