Loney Challenging the .400 mark

Dodger minor Leaguers and pitchers are in the home stretch with just a little over a month left in the regular season. James Loney is flirting with the magic .400 figure and leads the system in on-base percentage, slugging average, on-base plus slugging and despite missing much of the first month of the season, he is also leading in hits.

Dodger Minor League Leaders Listed Sergio Pedroza had a comfortable lead in home runs and runs batted in, while Adam Godwin tops the system in stolen bases.

Closer Mark Alexander is far in from in total saves and also leads all relief pitchers in hits allowed per nine innings and baserunners per nine innings.

Starter Scott Elbert is the leader in strikeouts, strikeouts per nine innings, hits per nine innings and baserunners per nine innings.

The full-season leaders:
  Average--        ave  tm
James Loney 1b     .391  LV
Andrew Locke of    .311  Col/VB
Andy LaRoche 3b    .307  Jx/LV
David Nicholson 2b .299  VB
Cole Bruce if      .297  VB

  On-base percentage-- obp  tm
James Loney 1b        .434  LV
Sergio Pedroza of     .431  Col/VB
A.J. Ellis c          .411  Jx
Jason Mooneyham 1b    .410  VB/Col
Andy LaRoche 3b       .409  Jx/LV

 Slugging average-- slug  tm
James Loney 1b      .577  LV
Sergio Pedroza of   .495  Col/VB
Andy LaRoche 3b     .492  Jx/LV
Cory Dunlap 1b      .469  VB
Delwyn Young of     .469  LV

  On-base+Slugging-- ops  tm
James Loney 1b     1.011  LV
Sergio Pedroza of   .926  Col/VB
Andy LaRoche 3b     .901  Jx/LV
Cory Dunlap 1b      .866  VB
Delwyn Young of     .808  LV

  Games--          gms  tm
Delwyn Young of     92  LV
Valdez Wilson ss    91  LV
Russell Mitchell 3b 90  Col
Sergio Pedroza of   90  Col/VB
Blake DeWitt 3b     88  VB
Chin-lung Hu ss     88  Jx

  Runs--          runs  tm
Russell Mitchell 3b 65  Col
Valdez Wilson ss    65  LV
Sergio Pedroza of   62  Col/VB
Andrew Locke of     60  Col/VB
Delwyn Young of     55  LV

  Hits--         hits  tm
James Loney 1b    110  LV
Andrew Locke of   101  Col/VB
Valdez Wilson ss  101  LV
Blake DeWitt 3b    96  VB
Xavier Paul of     96  VB

  Doubles--       2b  tm
Delwyn Young of   27  LV
James Loney 1b    24  LV
Sergio Pedroza of 24  Col/VB
Cole Bruce if     22  VB
Andrew Locke of   21  Col/VB

  Triples--       3b  tm
Luke May of        6  Col
Andrew Locke of    4  Col/VB
Adam Godwin of     3  Col
David Nicholson 2b 3  VB
Justin Ruggiano of 3  Jx

  Home runs--       hr  tm
Sergio Pedroza of   22  Col/VB
Blake DeWitt 3b     14  VB
Craig Brazell 1b    12  Jx
Andy LaRoche 3b     12  Jx/LV
Russell Mitchell 3b 12  Col
Delwyn Young of     12  LV

  Runs batted in--  rbi  tm
Sergio Pedroza of    76  Col/VB
Andrew Locke of      62  Col/VB
Delwyn Young of      62  LV
Russell Mitchell 3b  59  Col
Craig Brazell 1b     55  Jx

  Stolen bases--   sb-cs  tm
Adam Godwin of      21-7  Col
Jeff Duncan of      17-3  LV
Valdez Wilson ss   17-12  LV
Xavier Paul of     14-11  VB
David Nicholson 2b  14-8  VB


  Wins--        w-l  tm
Joel Hanrahan   9-2  Jx/LV
T.J. Nall       9-3  Jx
Spike Lundberg  8-1  Jx
Heath Totten    8-4  Jx
Marlon Arias    7-4  Col
Danny Muegge    7-6  Jx

  Saves--         sv  tm
Mark Alexander    22  Jx
Ramon Troncoso     9  Col
Brian Akin         7  VB
Kyle Wilson        7  VB
Lance Carter       6  LV
Casey Hoorelbeke   6  Jx

  Games--         gm  tm
Casey Hoorelbeke  38  Jx
Mark Alexander    34  Jx
Justin Reid       33  LV
Eric Hull         29  LV
Zach Hammes       28  VB
Julio Pimentel    28  VB

  Games started-- gs  tm
Heath Totten      20  Jx
Spike Lundberg    20  LV/Jx
Joel Hanrahan     18  Jx/LV
Mario Alvarez     17  Col
Eric Stults       17  LV

  Innings--     inn    tm
Heath Totten    119.0  Jx
Spike Lundberg  114.0  LV/Jx
D.J. Houlton    106.0  LV
Joel Hanrahan   101.0  Jx/LV
Eric Stults     101.0  LV

  Hits per 9 innings--
     [starters]  h/9  tm
Scott Elbert     5.64  VB/Jx
Justin Orenduff  7.19  Jx
Joel Hanrahan    7.31  Jx/LV
Marlon Arias     7.74  Col
James McDonald   8.04  Col

  Hits per 9 innings-
     [relief)    h/9   tm
Mark Alexander   4.83  Jx/LV
Wesley Wright    5.17  VB
Casey Hoorelbeke 5.37  Jx
Eric Hull        6.45  LV
Kyle Wilson      6.66  VB

  Base runners per 9 innings-
     [starters] br/9   tm
Cory Wade       10.09  Col
Scott Elbert    10.32  VB/Jx
Justin Orenduff 10.60  Jx
Marlon Arias    10.70  Col
Heath Totten    10.82  Jx

  Baserunners per 9 innings--
     [relief]    br/9  tm
Mark Alexander   7.24  Jx/LV
T.J. Nall        8.79  Jx/LV
Casey Hoorelbeke 9.00  Jx
Wesley Wright    9.52  VB
Kyle Wilson     10.62  VB

  Strikeouts--   so   tm
Scott Elbert    112  VB/Jx
T.J. Nall       106  Jx/LV
Marlon Arias     97  Col
Cory Wade        92  Col
Joel Hanrahan    89  Jx/LV

  Strikeouts per 9 innings--
    [starters]   so/9   tm
Scott Elbert     10.70  VB/Jx
Alberto Bastardo 10.36  Col/VB
Wesley Wright    10.06  VB
Justin Orenduff   9.70  Jx
Marlon Arias      9.27  Col

  Strikeouts per 9 innings-
     [relief]   so/9  tm
Mark Alexander 13.61  Jx/LV
Hong-Chih Kuo  12.03  LV
Eric Hull      10.76  LV
T.J. Nall      10.71  Jx/LV
Jordan Pratt    9.68  Col

  Walks per 9 innings--
     [starts]   bb/9  tm
Cory Wade       0.99  Col
Blake Johnson   1.80  VB
Heath Totten    1.97  Jx
Danny Muegge    2.08  Jx
Marlon Arias    2.96  Col

  Walks per 9 innings--
     [relief]   bb/9  tm
T.J. Nall       1.72  Jx/LV
Carlos Alvarez  2.13  Jx
Lance Carter    2.24  LV
Mark Alexander  2.41  Jx/LV
Spike Lundberg  2.76  LV/Jx

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