To Buy, or Not to Buy, That is the Question

There is great wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Dodger Nation, with half wanting to spend the future right now in an expensive attempt to get back into the National League race and the other half saying that perhaps, for the first time in history, the Dodgers should cut their losses and become sellers instead of buyers.

Many in the Los Angeles media are urging GM Ned Colletti to make some sort of a move to jump-start the team as it moves into the final month of the 2006 season. They point out that the club was in first place 20 days ago, and with the right additions we could be in first place 20 or 30 days from now.

But Colletti has pointed out repeatedly that difference-making players available are very, very few. And the teams willing to deal are all asking for the same names in multiples, Billingsley, Martin, Ethier, Broxton, Kemp … you know the list.

"I'm not yet to the point of sacrificing two or three young players in L.A. or Las Vegas for what is a two-month rental," Colletti pledged. "I'm not of a mind to sacrifice what could be a good team in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for a chance in 2006."

A list of available starting pitchers include Livan Hernandez, Paul Byrd, Jon Lieber and Greg Maddux. Apparently the Dodgers have interest only in Maddux, but the cost has been too high.

Sure, we should have made some sort of a deal for Maddux, but that was when the Cubs traded him to Atlanta originally and then watched him blossom into a legitimate Hall of Famer.

As for proven power hitters, Alfonso Soriano and Pat Burrell are too pricey and Carlos Lee is not yet available.

Do we want to dip into that well another time?

Face it, the 2006 season was pretty much a "lets try to hang on until the rest of the kids are ready" sort of year. And we got just what we paid for, expensive veterans who are past their prime and highly vulnerable to season-ending injury.

De we want to do that again? … only to see the player obtained quickly go back on the free agent marker or [b] re-sign for some obscene figure, causing us to wish we could get rid of him at any price (read Carlos Perez, Shawn Green, Kevin Brown … the list goes on and on).

A good example is a report out of Milwaukee that says "if the Brewers -- 51/2 behind wild-card-leading Cincinnati after losing to Pittsburgh on Tuesday -- open up bidding, the Dodgers would become a likely landing spot for slugging outfielder Carlos Lee.

"L.A. has multiple young players who'd interest Milwaukee, perhaps including shortstop Cesar Izturis, who's playing out of position at third base. Assuming L.A. wouldn't surrender Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp, the Brewers could look toward third base prospect Andy LaRoche or pitching prospect Scott Elbert."

But we'd like to hear from you. Should we play "Let's Make A Deal" for a hitter/pitcher that might pull us out of our skid, or should we put out the fire and call in the dogs?.

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