A Whole Lot of Roster Shaking Going On

The past couple of days have seen several player moves in the Dodger system in addition to those that ocuured during trades. Since those have yet to be replaced, addition movement should be forthcoming.

For instance, Las Vegas lost both Joel Guzman in the trade with Tampa Bay for Julio Lugo while James Loney was promoted to the big club to replace the injured Nomar Garciaparra. As yet, no one has been sent to the 51's in their stead. Eric Riggs has moved into Loney's old spot at first. Jeff Duncan has moved to left with Matt Kemp in center and D.Y. Young playing right.

Jacksonville has received Cole Bruce from Vero Beach, which also lost Sergio Pedroza in that same deal with Tampa Bay.

Again, no players have been moved up so Blake DeWitrt has been switched back to third, the spot formerly occupied by Bruce before he went up. Shane Justis, recently brought up from Columbus, has taken over at second with Eloy Guttierez getting more playing time in the outfield now that Pedroza is gone.

Shortstop Juan Rivera went from Ogden to Columbus while there have been several pitching changes. At Vero, Jonathan Figueroa was activated from the disabled list and rehabbing Ryan Ketchner came across Dodgertown from the Gulf Coast team.

Javy Guerra, who also was rehabbing with the Gulf Coast club, has been pushed up to Ogden while Steve Preziosi has been promoted from the Gulf Coast to Columbus.