Checking the Dodger Prospect Ratings

As we move into August and reach the three-quarters mark of the season, it is time once again for us to check on how the top Dodger prospects (as we rated them at the beginning of the year) have been faring:

1- Chad Billingsley, rhp, Los Angeles- Doing better lately but still nowhere near what it is hoped he will do in days to come. Currently 2-3, 3.93.

2- Andy LaRoche, 3b, Las Vegas- He looks more than ready to move up but the acquisition of Wilson Betemit will impede that. .336-6-17.

3- Joel Guzman, of, Durham- Was hitting .297-11-55 for Las Vegas when traded to Tampa Bay.

4- Russell Martin, c, Los Angeles- Hitting .293 and catching extremely well, he's a legitimate Rookie of the Year candidate.

5- Scott Elbert, lhp, Jacksonville- In his last two starts was superb in one, then wild in another. 3-2, 3.21, 38 strikeouts in 28 innings.

6- Matt Kemp, of, Las Vegas- Well, the home runs have been missing (he has one) but he's hit everything in sight. Batting .386

7- James Loney, 1b, Los Angeles- Has generally hit well since being recalled but when either Jeff Kent or Nomar get back, he may have to go back down again. Was hitting .372-8-57 at Las Vegas when recalled.

8- Blake DeWitt, 3b/2b, Vero Beach- A somewhat disappointing average (.263) but has turned the power up a notch or two (17 home runs).

9- Jonathan Broxton, rhp, Los Angeles- Now they're talking about his becoming the LA closer down the road. 2-0, 3.19.

10- Greg Miller, lhp, Las Vegas- Shoulder problems again caused a stint on the disabled list. He's back but still having trouble with walks (24 in as many innings ). 2-0 4.50

11- Justin Orenduff, rhp, Jacksonville- Out with an arm injury. Was 4-2, .3.40 when he went down.

12- Hong-Chi Kuo, lhp, Las Vegas- Moved into the starting rotation with less than stellar results until his last start. 2-3, 4.60, 35 strikeouts in 29 innings.

13- Tony Abreu, 2b, Jacksonville- The managers named him the best fielding second baseman in the Southern League. Has raised his average to .292 also.

14- Andre Ethier, of, Los Angeles- Another who has a shot at Rookie of Year. His .343 average tops all first-year players.

15- Delwyn Young, of, Las Vegas. His average may only be .279 but he's providing loads of pop- 32 doubles, 14 home runs, good for 74 RBI.

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