Kershaw Honored by Louisville Slugger

While his first professional season is winding down, the Dodgers' top draft pick Clayton Kershaw is still receiving honors from his high school career.

Kershaw, the lefthanded from Highland Park, Tex., was named the Texas High School, Player of the Year by Louisville Slugger and the Baseball Coaches Association. He now will receive a Louisville Slugger bat personalized with his name.

Previously, Kershaw had been chosen as the Nation's High School Player of the Year by both Gatorade and USA Today as well as a first-team All-American by Baseball America.

Another Dodger draft choice, righthander Alex White declined the Dodger last-minute bid to sign him and instead honored his commitment to the University of North Carolina by attending classes there.

Thus, the Dodgers lose the rights to Smith, who had fallen down to the 14th round due to signability issues. He was considered a first or second-round talent.

Cody Kaiser, the 26th choice, transferred from the University of Oklahoma to Oklahoma City University but still was negotiating with the Dodgers. However, the two have yet to get together on terms. Here, again, if Kaiser attends classes, the Dodgers will lose rights to him.