Instructional League Moves to Arizona

It may or may not be a harbinger of things to come but the Dodgers are switching their Instructional League participation from the Florida branch to that in Arizona this fall. They always did operate the sessions in Arizona until five years ago when, as part of the lease signed with authorities in Vero Beach, they agreed to hold it at Dodgertown.

Now, though, they're going back to the western state, citing cost factors as the reason. So, when the league gets going next month, they'll share the Peoria complex with the Mariners.

This year's team is headed by the three first-round draft choices they acquired in June- lefthander Clayton Kershaw, righthander Bryan Morris and infielder Preston Mattingly. The 37 players listed, as always, come from the lower minors although lefthander Ryan Ketchner, who now is at Las Vegas, will continued his rehabbing so is on the list.

Among the more interesting projects will be looking at Carlos Santana as a catcher. Santana actually played that position as an amateur and did some catching in the Gulf Coast League last year until a finger injury curtailed that. This year, he's been playing both third base and the outfield at Vero Beach and Ogden.

The squad:

Pitchers- Mario Alvarez, Arismendy Castillo, Jesus Castillo, Matt Gomez de Segura, Javy Guerra, Kershaw, Ketchner, Brent Leach, Mike Megrew, Morris, Tommy Perez, Miguel Sanfler, Josh Wall, Cody White, Garrett White, Kyle Wilson. Note: Jhonny Nunez was on this list but was traded to Washington.

Catchers- Kenley Jansen, Esteban Lopez, Carlos Medero, Santana.

First Base- Jaime Ortiz, David Sutherland.

Infielders- Josh Bell, Ivan De Jesus, Travis Denker, Francisco Lizarraga, Brian Mathews, Mattingly, David Nicholson.

Outfielders- Jamie Hoffmann, Bridger Hunt, Drew Locke, Trayvon Robinson, Ryan Rogowski, Scott Van Slyke.