Mexican Pitching Trio Look Impressive

Most of the Mexican League cities are located at altitudes that scrape the sky with the usual results in baseball- the hits soar to the great beyond and pitcher's ERA's are corespondently stratospheric. Why, if you can hold them down to around 4.00, you're positively Koufax or Gibson.

Which is what makes the accomplishment of some Dodger-owned performers so intriguing. It is the usual custom for the team to loan some players to teams in that league and this time a trio pitching for the Mexico City Red Devils cut some impressive figures.

Edgar Lizarraga went 5-2 with a 2.04 ERA, Jorge Castillo was 6-1, 4.05 and Mauricio Tequida was 5-4, 3.19. Those are pretty good numbers anywhere but in Mexico they border on the miraculous.

Lizarraga has been around a bit. He's a 26-year-old righthander whom the Dodgers signed in 2000. He seemed to arrive in 2002 when he was 5-3 at South Georgia, then was moved up to Vero Beach where he posted a 4-0, 1.04 mark. However, he had arm surgery the next year and when he came back was dispatched to Mexico where he was toling without particular distinction until this year.

Castillo is a 21-year-old lefthander who spent one year in the Dominican Summer League after signing (3-2, 2.91) and has been in the Mexican minor leagues since. Edgar Murguia is a 24-year-old righthander who signed in 2002, spent a year in the Dominican and also has pitched for Saltillo, another Mexican League team the Dodgers cooperate with.

Another righthander, 22-year-old Gabriel Alvarez appeared briefly with the Red Devils with results in keeping more with the altitude (14.73 ERA), so was sent out. Francisco Felix, a 23-year-old righthander went back and forth between Columbus and Saltillo where he appeared in 15 games, winning his only decision.

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