LADugout Fans Say 'Thanks but No Thanks'

Dodger fans on have voiced their opinion that a] while Nomar Garciaparra was a welcome addition and did an exceptional job when on the field, the money needed to sign him could be used elsewhere and b] James Loney is ready to step in and take charge of the intitial bag.

The response was greater than the question of Greg Maddux's signing, with a number of fans replying only "yes" or "no" to the query, which is certainly accepable to the moderator and gives a larger fan base to judge the sentiment.

It all may be a moot point, since reports quoting a "family source" say that Nomar will definitely not be with the Dodgers next year, as much as he would still like to be. The source says his 15-18 Million asking price was turned down by McCourt.

Again we picked out a number of comments that seemed to cover the most important points of the discussion.

Friday we will be back with another -- tougher -- decision for the site's General Managers to chew on over the week-end and voice their thoughts.

Here are the selected responses:

All that being said, don't sign him. Seeing Loney bat .380 in AAA, his defense and with the expected power numbers to increase as he gets stronger, his time is now. Nomar is a great guy and a great teammate but you could use that 10 million in other areas of need. --Bob Van Houdt

I would not resign Nomar Garciapara. He was extremely clutch, but we need power desperately. I think the Dodgers need to take a small risk. Have the combination of Loney/Kent/Seanz at first base. We are looking at Kent's comeback year, in which he will be the number 5 hitter we need.
We definatley need to sign a power bat. At $10 mil a year, Nomar is not what we are quite searching for. He is just too big of an injury concern. If the Dodgers want to win a playoff game, they have to go after a pure slugger. Alfonso Soriano or Carlos Lee would all be a great fit in left field. There is a necesity to have a big homerun bat.
The A's always had the average and OBP, but never the slugger like Frank Thomas and look how much farther they got with him. We need to find a 30-40 hr player, Nomar just doesnt fit our needs this year. I'd rather sign Gagne ... both injury prone. --Mitchell Beck

No 2-3 yr contract. Offer arbitration and have only a 1 yr deal. You can't expect to have your prospect wait 3-4 yrs to play full time. Althought with Nomar's health history the prospect (Loney) would play a lot in 3 yrs. --Jeff Duit

Although Nomar had a great year and is a fan favorite, I would not re-sign him. He will require at least two years for $8 million or more per year. He will be a year older and we need to remember he began and ended the season injured.
The Dodgers need to let Loney take over first base and then use that money to sign a pitcher and/or a power bat. Either and Loney have great swings but neither project to be a clean up type hitter. With Kent's power declining and Kemp needing at least another year in the minors, the Dodgers should attempt to sign Carlos Lee (and trade JD Drew if possible).
The Dodgers have boasted about their loaded farm system for years and it is time to start promoting some youth. They will still have enough talent to compete in a very weak NL West. In addition to Nomar they need to say so long to Lugo, Hendrickson, Dessens, Drew, Tomko, Hamulack and Lofton. --John in Irvine

Speaking for the pro-signing group who nearly to a man temper their approval of the signing with contract limitations:

I think we should sign Nomar only if he's willing to accept an incentive laden contract with the understanding that he will be a utility player and play in 100-120 games.
I truly believe that James Loney is ready to be an everyday player at 1st base. Signing Nomar to a multi-year contract, with the idea he would be our regular 1st baseman would not only retard Loney's development, but be a huge risk given Garciaparra's history of injuries. --Bill Evans