Dodger Fans Ambivalent on A-Rod Trade

Dodger wannabe General Managers are not all that certain that they would sign A-Rod if the Yankees are, indeed, interested in trading him. Some will add young pitching, some won't and some just aren't certan the Dodgers want him on the roster. Here are their answers:

If the Dodgers wanted A-Rod, here is what I would suggest: Jonathan Broxton, Scott Elbert/Hong Chih Kuo and Brad Penny for A-Rod and between $3-5 million per year to offset salaries.
Here is my reasoning:
This is a lot to give up for the Dodgers, especially Broxton, but I feel with the return of Brazoban/Gagne/Saito and the emergence of a minor leaguer like Greg Miller, his loss could be absorbed. The Yankees would have to find a third baseman, but that is what free agency is for.
Since LaRoche isn't guaranteed to make any 25-man roster out of spring training, they would have to find someone for next year anyway.
I think that they know that hard throwers are what they need come playoff time.
The Dodgers would have to find someone to replace Penny, but Greg Miller and Clayton Kershaw are legit lefty arms in the system. In addition, I think that Billingsley could be as good as Penny this year.
All that said, I wouldn't do it. --Jonathan Morse

I believe the Yankees will ask for the world for Alex Rodriguex. They don't have a standout player in the minor leagues or veterans on the market. Therefore, thier asking price will be higher. In a trade, they would ask for starting pitching. They might ask for Kuo because they are reminded of a young Randy Johnson (hard fastball, hard slider, lefthanded). I don't believe they would be interested in Kuo because he doesn't have the expierence the Yankees need to win a chamionship.
They need a frontline pitcher. I believe they will ask for Penny. Not a huge contract, but valuable enough to be a number 2 starter. Then they will need a third baseman for next year. They will ask for Andy LaRoche. It is always nice to aquire star prospects and who knows, they might trade him for a veteran. A minor league system is never good enough.
Without absorbing any of A-Rod's contract, the Yankees asking price would be set high. They would want an established starting pitcher and prospect third baseman. If we were building up toward a championship caliber team, this would be a good move. For all that money and players, we would still be down a thirdbaseman for the future, a top on the rotation stater, and a left fielder. I don't believe in paying anyone more than $16 million a year. Not even for A-Rod. Colletti remembers how well of a job Bill Mueller did before injury, Betemit's amazing power or Andy LaRoche's upside for cheap. This is not the time or the place to pick up A-Rod. --Mitchell Beck

I am not sure I would trade for A-Rod but if I did I would trade Penny, LaRoche, Betemit and Hendrickson for A-Rod and Pavano. The Yankees would have to pay a good portion of Pavano's salary, which they probably would since they want to get rid of him badly. A return to the NL would be good for Pavano and A-Rod would be the face of the organization. I would not do the trade if the Yankees wanted several of the Dodger's top prospects. --John in Irvine

A-Rod and Giambi to the angels for K-Rod, Jered Weaver, Brandon Wood and Chone Figgins --Anonymous>/b>

Re-sign Lofton?

Next Question was suggested by Mitchell Beck. Please send your thoughts to and let us know how you feel.

Beck writes: Would you resign Kenny Lofton? He is great off the bench, but is he defensively still ready to be a CF (horrible arm)? What about Matt Kemp becoming an option to start next year? Offense vs. Defense is the question here, and can we afford his offense at a smaller salary?