Loney tops Final Minor League Stats

James Loney may not have hit as many home runs as his critics would like, but he dominated the minor league Top 10 while playing a part-season with Las Vegas.

Loney, who made such an impression with Los Angeles late in the season and in the Division Series, topped franchise hitters in batting average (.380), slugging (.546) and on-base plus slugging (.977)

Outfielder Delwyn "DY" Young topped the charts in doubles with 42 and in runs batted in at 98; Cory Dunlap, Vero Beach first baseman, topped the runs-creatated list with 107.58; Jacksonville outfielder Tydus Meadows was the on-base percentage leader at .447 and first baseman Craig Brazell slugged 21 homers for Jacksonville to lead the list.

The leaders:
ave   Averagetm
.380 James Loney 1b LV
.346 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
.315 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
.314 Bridger Hunt of Col
.306 Drew Locke of Col/VB
.300 Eric Riggs ss LV
.299 Jeff Duncan of LV
.297 Tydus Meadows of LV/Jx
.297 Wilson Valdez ss LV
.288 Sergio Garcia 2b Jx/LV

rc      Runs created 
107.38  Cory Dunlap 1b VB/LV
 85.43James Loney 1b LV
 79.17 Delwyn Young of LV
 78.21 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
 77.49 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
 76.82 Drew Locke of Col/VB
 73.31 Wilson Valdez ss LV
 73.32 Luke May of Col
 68.13 Xavier Paul, of VB
 59.91 Tony Abreu, 2b Jx

slug  On-base percentage 
.447 Tydus Meadows of LV/Jx
.434 Cory Dunlap 1b VB/LV
.426 James Loney 1b LV
.420 Jason Moonenham 1b Col/VB
.414 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
.410 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
.384 Jeff Duncan of LV
.376 Bridger Hunt of Col
.375 Travis Denker 2b Col/VB
.374 Drew Locke of Col/VB

obp  Slugging 
.546 James Loney 1b LV
.543 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
.514 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
.514 Drew Locke of Col/VB
.478 Tydus Meadows of LV/Jx
.463 Craig Brazell 1b Jx
.458 Cory Dunlap 1b VB/LV
.457 Delwyn Young of LV
.449 Eric Riggs ss LV
.440 Russell Mitchell 3b Col/VB

ops  On-base+slugging
.977 James Loney 1b LV
.957 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
.925 Tydus Meadows of LV/Jx
.924 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
.892 Cory Dunlap 1b VB/LV
.859 Drew Locke of Col/VB
.825 Luke May of Col
.808 Eric Riggs ss LV
.798 Jeff Duncan of LV
.783 Delwyn Young of LV

gm  Games
140 Delwyn Young of LV
137 Wilson Valdez ss LV
132 Blake DeWitt 3b VB/Jx
129 Travis Denker 2b Col/VB
127 Russell Mitchell 3b Col/VB
126 Ivan De Jesus ss Col
125 Jamie Hoffman of VB
125 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx
123 Drew Locke of Col/VB
122 Anthony Raglani of VB/Jx

runs  Runs
94 Wilson Valdez ss LV
83 Russell Mitchell 3b Col/VB
82 Drew Locke of Col/VB
77 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
76 Luke May of Col
76 Delwyn Young of LV
75 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
72 Sergio Garcia 2b Jx/LV
71 Travis Denker 2b Col/VB
71 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx

hits Hits
157 Wilson Valdez ss LV
145 Andrew Locke of Col/VB
145 Delwyn Young of LV
138 James Loney 1b LV
136 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
134 Ivan De Jesus ss Col
134 Xavier Paul of VB
133 Blake DeWitt 3b VB/Jx
132 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
131 Tony Abreu 2b Jx

2b Doubles
42 Delwyn Young ofL V
40 Russell Mitchell 3b Col/VB
33 James Loney 1b LV
32 Drew Locke of Col/VB
29 Matt Kemp OF Jx/LV
29  Anthony Raglani of VB/Jx
27 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
27 Luke May of Col
26 Craig Brazell 1b Jx
26 Cole Bruce 2b VB/Jx

3b Triples 
9 Luke May of Col
8 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
6 Adam Godwin of Col
5 Dave Nicholson 2b VB
4 Drew Locke of Col/VB
3 Tony Abreu 2b Jx
3 Xavier Paul of VB
Eight with two each

hr  Home runs 
21 Craig Brazell 1B  JX
19 Blake DeWitt 3b VB/Jx
19 Russell Mitchell 3b Col/VB
19 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
18 Luke May of Col
18 Delwyn Young OF LV
16 Travis Denker 2b Col/VB
15 Drew Locke of Col/VB
14 Cory Dunlap 1b VB/LV
13 Xavier Paul of VB
11 Cole Bruce 2b VB/Jx
11 Tydus Meadows OF LV/Jx

rbi Runs batted 
98 Delwyn Young of LV
91 Craig Brazell 1b Jx
91 Russell Mitchell 3b Col/VB
89 Drew Locke of Col/VB
82 Luke May ss Col
81 Andy LaRoche 3b Jx/LV
70 Travis Denker 2b Col/VB
70 Matt Kemp of Jx/LV
67 Blake DeWitt 3b VB/Jx
67 James Loney 1b LV

sb-cs  Stolen bases
30-15 Adam Godwin of Col
26-17 Wilson Valdez ss LV
25-5  Matt Kemp OF Jx/LV
23-11 Dave Nicholson 2b VB
22-15 Xavier Paul of VB
21-7  Jeff Duncan of LV
16-5  Ivan De Jesus ss Col
16-11 Jamie Hoffman of VB
14-2  Luke May of Col
14-4  Wilkin Ruan of LV/Jx
12-9  Bridger Hunt of Col

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