Dodgers Are Smart After All

The Dodgers thought about the Japanese whiz kid - for about an hour and a half. Then, like the sun rising in the morning, the impulse passed. The girl wasn't quite as good looking in the cold hard light of day as she was under the stars the night before. We could have told them so. After all, she drove up in a car driven by Scott Boras.

The "agent" has gone through more budgets than Saddam Hussein through enemies, leaving a trail of broken dreams, dead seasons, and tattered teams. Japanese official baseball has seen how stupid U.S. baseball owners are and decided to get in on the scam.

Hey, $20 million and up just to be able to talk to the kid's agent?

So the Dodgers looked up the road at Seattle. Here was a team that gladly, willingly and enthusiastically outbid the Dodgers for Adrian Beltré. The team is owned by Japanese. And they snookered themselves.

This time around, Seattle ran away from the Sadie Hawkins dance without even peaking through the keyhole. And smart they were.

The Dodgers saw all the suckers lining up and then turned around and saw Seattle running and rightfully figured Seattle had a better clue.

Now the Dodgers did have a good idea - dump old guys and hurt guys to amass some cash and go get a really good player or two. That half of the equation still works - as long as they doesn't try to use the cash to pay for things like debts and what must be crushing interest.

Ken Rosenthal (we apologize for calling him Ken Rosenberg as one of our favorite authors is Joel Rosenberg and we have been conducting an e-mail correspondence with the guy) has more clout than we do, so maybe we can get Rosenthal to write a column about the financial plight of the Florida Marlins.

Until they get a new stadium in a new part of town, Florida is stuck being a low budget operation. The owners cant afford a stadium. The state has wised up and wont give the team one.

And here is Florida sitting on a bundle of talent. Problem is, if they are able to hang onto the kids, the baseball bargaining agreement and such other rulings say you have to pay them fair market value at some point in time - a condition loathe to the owners (understandable since they ain't got no real money).

Now Florida can get cash. They have done it before. They have sold off players of real value for kids, kids who will come cheap. In 2006, Florida got lucky and they rent a kids they brought in played over their heads.

So Florida, without a home they want, is more than likely to try to repeat their performance of the past several years, dumping talent not because they are good but getting of them before they have to pay them.

Now the Dodgers can amass money (by dumping age and iffy players) and Florida needs money (if the fans wont pay, let other teams pay the bills). Here is a germ of an idea. Go get the better Florida players. Find them before Scott Boras does.

Now wouldn't Miguel Cabrera look dandy in Dodgers Blue? He's a pocket version of Albert Pujols - but younger, thinner and healthier.

The Dodgers have young players who would play cheaper than Cabrera for the next three or four years - just what Florida is looking for. If we were Ned Colletti, we would leave a sticky note on the door and say "gone to Florida" - not for vacation have you but to whisper sweet nothings in the Florida GM's ear.

Now we already have an idea about the Florida GM. He's the genius that dumped manager Joe Girardi. Already we have an idea this guy is playing with a deck with fewer than 52 cards in it.

Casing Florida should be easy for an old timer like Colletti. It would be like Willy Sutton casing a bank. They once asked Willie why he robbed banks. Cuz' that's where the money is, dummy, he quipped.

If Scott Boras and the other Willy Suttons of baseball can figure this out, why can't a GM? Is there any rule written that says turnabout is not kosher for teams too.

Nomar Garciaparra's agent is talking to the Giants, a team which specializes in older players. This is a sign not everybody is going to be able to fleece the Dodgers.

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