Scott Elbert Tops Minor League Charts

Scott Elbert, the premier Dodger minor league pitcher, topped the final statistical wrap-up as a starter in opponents batting average, hits per nine innings, strikeouts and strikeouts per nine innings.

Spike Lundberg led the system in victories and earned run average; Mark Alexander in games (shared with Casey Hoorelbeke) and saves and Jonathan Meloan topped the relief pitching lists in hits per nine innings and strikeouts per nine innings.

Other single department leaders included Tim Hamulak in relief opponents batting average, D.J. Houlton in starts, Cory Wade in starters walks per nine innings and Carlos Alvarez* in walks per nine innings by relief pitchers.

The complete top 10:

  Wins             w-l  tm
Spike Lundberg    15-6  Jx 
Joel Hanrahan     11-5  Jx 
Scott Elbert*     11-9  VB/Jx 
T.J. Nall         10-7  Jx LV
Eric Stults       10-11 LV
Dan Muggee         9-9  Jx 
D.J. Houlton       9-11 LV
Jordan Pratt       8-4  Col
Arismendy Castillo 8-5  Col
Heath Totten       8-5  Jx 
Alberto Bastardo*  8-6  Col/VB
Cory Wade          8-9  VB

  Saves        sv tm
Mark Alexander 27 LV/Jx
Ramon Troncoso 15 Col/VB
Brian Akin     13 Jx 
Lance Carter*  13 LV
Kyle Wilson     9 VB
Matt Gomez      6 Col

  Earned run average
     [starters]    era tm
Spike Lundberg    2.88 Jx 
Scott Elbert*     2.90 VB/Jx 
T.J. Nall         2.94 Jx/LV
Heath Totten      3.29 Jx 
Joel Hanrahan     3.58 Jx 
Alberto Bastardo* 3.72 Col/VB
Dan Muggee        3.88 Jx 
James McDonald    3.98 Col
Eric Stults       4.23 LV
Albert Bastardo*  4.53 Col/VB

  Earned run average
     [relief]    era tm
Tim Hamulack     1.42 LV
Mark Alexander   1.47 LV/Jx
Jonathan Meloan  1.9 0Col/Jx
Brian Akin       2.39 Jx 
Wesley Wright*   2.54 VB/Jx 
Casey Hoorelbeke 2.62 Jx 
Carlos Alvarez*  2.93 Jx 
Alvis Ojeda      2.95 Jx 
Greg Miller      3.02 Jx 
Kale Garrison*   3.24 Col

  Opponents batting average
     [starters]    ave tm
Scott Elbert*     .190 VB/Jx 
Chad Billingsley  .221 LV
James McDonald    .229 Col
T.J. Nall         .232 Jx/LV
Joel Hanrahan     .234 Jx 
Alberto Bastardo* .247 Col/VB
Marlon Arias*     .248 Col/VB
Spike Lundberg    .249 Jx 
Heath Totten      .258 Jx 
Adam Thomas       .263 VB/LV

  Opponents batting average
     [relief]     ave tm
Jonathan Meloan  .151 Col/Jx
Mark Alexander   .171 LV/Jx
Casey Hoorelbeke .174 Jx 
Wesley Wright*   .195 VB/Jx 
Greg Miller      .210 Jx 
Tim Hamulack     .222 LV
Mike Megrew      .224 VB
Kyle Wilson      .228 VB
Carlos Alvarez*  .236 Jx 
Justin Simmons*  .236 Jx/LV

  Hits per 9 innings
     [starters]    h/9 tm
Scott Elbert*     5.98 VB/Jx 
Chad Billingsley  7.31 LV
James McDonald    7.54 Col
Joel Hanrahan     7.64 Jx 
T.J. Nall         7.79 Jx LV
Brent Leach*      7.92 Col/VB
Spike Lundberg    8.48 Jx 
Alberto Bastardo* 8.55 Col/VB
Marlon Arias*     8.64 Col/VB
Heath Totten      8.79 Jx 

  Hits per 9 innings
     [relief]     h/9 tm
Jonathan Meloan  4.67 Col/Jx
Casey Hoorelbeke 5.25 Jx 
Mark Alexander   5.45 LV/Jx
Brian Akin       6.07 Jx 
Wesley Wright*   6.12 VB/Jx 
Kale Garrison*   6.25 Col
Greg Miller      6.84 Jx 
Tim Hamulack     7.11 LV
Mike Megrew      7.44 VB
Kyle Wilson      7.45 VB

  Games           gm tm
Mark Alexander    52 LV/Jx
Casey Hoorelbeke  52 Jx 
Lance Carter*     45 LV
Greg Miller       44 Jx 
Franquelis Osoria 44 LV
Zach Hammes       43 VB/LV
Justin Reid       43 LV
Brian Akin        42 Jx 
Ramon Troncoso    41 Col/VB
Wesley Wright*    41 VB/Jx 

  Games started   gs tm
D.J. Houlton      29 LV
Spike Lundberg    28 Jx 
Scott Elbert*     26 VB/Jx 
Joel Hanrahan     26 Jx 
Eric Stults       26 LV
Mario Alvarez     25 Col
Alberto Bastardo* 25 Col/VB
Dan Muggee        25 Jx 
Marlon Arias*     22 Col/VB
James McDonald    22 Col

  Strikeouts       so tm
Scott Elbert*     173 VB/Jx 
T.J. Nall         156 Jx LV
James McDonald    146 Col
Marlon Arias*     141 Col/VB
Alberto Bastardo* 138 Col/VB
D.J. Houlton      132 LV
Eric Stults       128 LV
Cory Wade         126 VB
Brent Leach*      124 Col/VB
Spike Lundberg    124 Jx 

  Strikeouts per 9 innings
     [starters]   so/9 tm
Scott Elbert*    10.66 VB/Jx 
Chad Billingsley 10.00 LV
Alberto Bastardo* 9.92 Col/VB
T.J. Nall         9.80 Jx LV
Marlon Arias*     9.67 Col/VB
Carlos Alvarez*   8.98 Jx 
James McDonald    9.25 Col
Cory Wade         8.51 VB
Dave Horlacher    8.44 Col
Chris Malone      8.33 VB

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
     [relief]     so/9 tm
Jonathan Meloan  15.75 Col/Jx
Mark Alexander   12.52 LV/Jx
Brian Akin       11.88 Jx 
Wesley Wright*   11.25 VB/Jx 
Brent Leach*     11.03 Col/VB
Tim Hamulack     10.42 LV
Kyle Wilson      10.19 VB
Jordan Pratt      9.58 Col
Matt Gomez        9.35 Col
Mike Megrew       8.63 VB

  Walks per 9 innings
     [starters]  bb/9 tm
Cory Wade        1.62 VB
Heath Totten     1.93 Jx 
T.J. Nall        1.95 Jx/LV
Dan Muggee       2.36 Jx 
Spike Lundberg   2.46 Jx 
Dave Horlacher   2.92 Col
Chris Malone     3.03 VB
D.J. Houlton     3.33 LV
Marlon Arias*    3.57 Col/VB
Mario Alvarez    3.93 Col

   Walks per 9 innings
     [relief]     bb/9 tm
Carlos Alvarez*   2.29 Jx 
Lance Carter*     2.52 LV
Jonathan Meloan   2.77 Col/Jx
Ramon Troncoso    3.00 Col/VB
Mark Alexander    3.39 LV/Jx
Adam Thomas       3.40 VB/LV
Ben Kozlowski     3.60 Jx/LV
Franquelis Osoria 3.69 LV
Albenis Castillo  3.74 VB
Casey Hoorelbeke  3.75 Jx

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