Lasorda Dictum Set Aside - Again

For all the glitzy tuxedo in the FOX baseball commercial, Tommy Lasorda has to be feeling like his look-a-like, the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield - He ain't gettin' no respect. There the Texas Rangers went off and hired Ron Washington, the ex-Dodgers minor leaguer and big league bench warmer, as their Big League manager - even though he has no big league experience in the job.

How can he do it, the Lasorda rule goes, he ain't got no experience.

To make it worse, Washington's total managing experience was two years in Class A ball. No double A, no triple A. Geez, how did a guy like this ever get hired? Well, Washington's hiring was a home run, one which will become rapidly evident as next season unfolds.

Gone is the powderkeg ego manager who was universally disliked by every player on his team. Bucky Showalter was such a royal pain even nice guy Orel Hershiser ran as fast as he could to a non job in the front office to get away from the guy.

If nothing else, Washington is a plus just by not being Showalter. But besides that, he was a surefire manager waiting to happen. They'll be sorry in moneyball Oakland they didn't just promote the guy. But, face it, ex-Dodger Washington will get a chance at managing regular baseball in Texas rather than Billy Beane Ball in the Bay.

Now since Tuxedo Tommy has been disrespected again, will it happen again this week when Orel Hershiser gets a real live interview without Lasorda sabotaging the interview?

Tommy's they guy who twisted Fred Claire's arm and publicly took the credit for swiping some long forgotten ham and egg second baseman who never amounted to a hill of beans in a Dodgers uniform from Montreal for a throw-a-way undersized pitcher by the name of Pedro Martinez - and then bragged about it for years.

At least until he woke up one day to find out Delino DeShields took the bum in Dodgers seriously and Martinez was rapidly on his way to his first of three Cy Young awards.

So Bulldog Hershiser gets an interview all on his own on Wednesday and here's keeping our fingers crossed for the guy.

Pretty soon, the Dodgers will have a growing bunch of alumni in managing jobs - Washington, Mike Scioscia and others. Guys who would look awful nice in a Dodgers uniform again.

Course young Dodgers can move in until old guys move out. Sometimes the old timers don't go easy.

The Red Sox had a big name aging shortstop once upon a time who was also the manager as well. He really liked the way he played. His name was Joe Cronin. Stubborn Joe Cronin.

He wouldn't step aside for a young James Loney-type on the way and the Red Sox traded the rookie for three cans of Campbell Soup. The kid's name was Harold Reese, aka Pee Wee. Yes Hall of Fame Pee Wee Reese.

The Cubs picked up longtime Dodgers minor leaguer, big leaguer, player, scout, infield instructor and minor league manager Ivan deJesus, father of the current Dodgers minor leaguer, to be a chief aide to Lou Piniella.

One thing you can say about Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden is no grass grows under his feet. While the other GMs are making their lists, Bowden went out and signed 21 free agents. 21 of them. At one time.

Four of them have Dodgers connections, second sacker Joe Thurston, who could hit a little at AAA and has always hit a snag at the next level, T.J. Nall, Chris Michalak and onetime righty phenom Joel Hanrahan.

Before injuries, Hanrahan was a can't miss sure thing. He's still young enough to be a late bloomer.

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