Hawaii Proving To Be Poor For All The Hitters

The Hawaii Winter League was revived this fall and, if nothing else, it's proving to be a haven for pitchers and one that's definitely unfriendly to the hitters. The Dodgers certainly tend to agree-they've sent three players there who are supposed to be tough at-bats. That's hardly been the case, though.

The top hitter in the league is batting a mere .301 and he's not a Dodger. Of their trio of guys they are counting on to produce at the plate, the best average is .259 by first baseman Cory Dunlap. He had his problems early but has come on lately to become more respectable.

Los Angeles sent organizational batting instructor Bill Robinson to Oahu to work with the players but the results haven't been remarkable. Second baseman Blake DeWitt is hitting a mere .187 while outfielder Xavier Paul, who was hot earlier, has fallen to .229. Nor are they producing much in the power department; Dunlap has two homers, Paul has hit one (on opening day) while DeWitt has yet to hit for distance.

There is a fourth Dodger position player with the North Shore Honu- catcher Kenley Jansen but he seldom plays and is batting only .143 when he does.

On the other hand, the two pitchers that L.A. has sent here are doing just fine. Zach Hammes is the Honu closer with a 1.59 ERA and four saves, ranking third in the league in the latter department. Lefthander Wesley Wright is 2-1 with a 2.50 ERA

The winds do tend to blow in birskly from offshore so that's a factor. The players are tired after long seasons so that's another. In all, though, it's been a frustrating time for the offense, not just the Dodgers but just about everybody who swings a bat for a living.

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