Dodgers Break 77 Year Old Record

Any time a modern team breaks a batting record set in 1930, they've done something special and the 2006 Dodgers, with their 307 doubles, did just that, topping a club that had a team batting average of .304.

The 1930 club boasted outfielders Babe Herman (48 doubles) and Johnny Frederick (44) and first baseman Del Bissonette (33) in their record two-bagger season. Shortstop Glenn Wright added 28 and catcher Al Lopes chipped in with 20,

The 2006 club didn't have such big numbers but they had depth. J.D. Drew led the term with 34, followed closely by Rafael Furcal at 32. Jeff Kent added 27, Russell Martin 26, Jose Cruz 16, and Kenny Lofton and Olmedo Saenz at 15 each.

Wilson Betemit banged the 303rd Dodger double of the season in a wild 19-11 win over Colorado and the following evening in San Francisco, Furcal doubled in the third inning to record the record 304th. Julio Lugo, Drew and Ramon Martinez ran the total to 307.

The clubs recent propensity for doubles is reflected in the fact that the 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005 teams are all ranked in the top 10 in Los Angeles history. Oddly enough, the NL West title winning 2004 team could not keep the streak alive, hitting just 226.
Team doubles

  Los Angeles  All-time
 2b   year    2b   year
307 — 2006   303 — 1930
286 — 2002   296 — 1932
284 — 2005   286 — 2002
265 — 2000   286 — 1941
264 — 2001   284 — 2005
             284 — 1934

260 — 2003   282 — 1929 
253 — 1999   274 — 1953
251 — 1978   265 — 2000
242 — 1997   265 — 1939
241 — 1989

  Individual leaders

 Los Angeles      All-time
49—Green, 2003   52—Frederick, 1929
47—Parker, 1970  49—Green, 2003
44—Green, 2000   48—Herman, 1930
43—Sax, 1986     47—Parker, 1970
42—Mondesi, 1997 44—Frederick, 1930
                 44—Green, 2000

40—Mondesi, 1996 43—Herman, 1931
40—Karros, 1999  43—Galan, 1944
38—Garvey, 1975  43—Sax. 1986
38—Lo Duca, 2002 42—Wheat, 1925
37—Garvey, 1976  42—Herman, 1929
42—Walker, 1945

  Career leaders
  Los Angeles   All-time
333—Garvey      464—Wheat
321—W.Davis     343—Snider
302—Karros      333—Garvey
293—Russell     321—Davis
223—Cey         304—Gilliam

223—Cey         302—Karros
194—Parker      294—Hodges
190—Mondesi     293—Russell
183—Green       274—Walker
179—Baker       273—Robinson
Dodger Blue Notes-- Reports indicate that the Dodgers are close to signing firstbaseman Nomar Garciaparra to a two or three year contract for a significantly higher base salary than he received last year, when he played for a guaranteed $6 million and earned another $2.5 million in incentives. Garciaparra was named National League comeback player of the year after batting .303 with 20 home runs. A number of other clubs are after him, including San Diego who wants him to play second base. Arn Tellem, Garciaparra's agent, informed Colletti that his client would be willing to play a position other than first base, perhaps third or the outfield. However, the Dodgers keep him at first, using James Loney at first when Garciaparra rests and also compete for playing time in the outfield. …Joe Beimel, who was unable to play after he cut his hand on a broken glass in a bar at 2 a.m. the day before the Dodgers opened post season play against the Mets, admits, "I have not touched a beer since that night, and I don't plan on drinking alcohol again." Beimel had a 2.34 earned-run average against left-handed hitters. He had a 2.68 ERA after the All—Star break. And down the stretch, he became nearly unhittable, with a 1.42 ERA in September. "He's contrite, he's accepted responsibility, he's making changes, so what happened with him is not going to change any of our off-season plans," Colletti said. "The world is full of people getting second chances."

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