McGuire Si, Ramirez No!

Mark McGuire? Why not! We are of the biblical persuasion, i.e., he who is without sin cast the first stone. The baseball Hall of Fame has plenty of questionable characters in it. Start anyplace in the alphabet. We chanced on the letter P and came up with Gaylord Perry.

Did ole' Gaylord do things to give him an advantage? Sure 'nuff. Did McGuire? More than likely. Why is one in and the other out? Have we, in the age of abortion on demand, become holier? Hardly!

Now, not everybody should be in the Hall. There are the sons and cousins of Arnold Rothstein, the Black Sox fixer. They didn't cheat to win, but to lose.

Into this grey, grey area, falls the redoubtable Pete Rose. Deep in hock to organized crime gamblers, would Manager Rose alter a game, albeit negatively, to improve his financial condition?

We don't know, but the air around l'affair Rose is redolent of Limburger cheese, spoiled onions, and the ripe bacteria of a refrigerator on the fritz for 10 days.

If McGuire is out, then the Hall ought to purge itself of his kin already in.

We are not so liberal with consideration of Manuel Ramirez, sic Manny. Even though the Dodgers current manager has managed him before and even though he'd be reunited with Mssrs. Lowe and Garciaparra, he is NOT a good fit for the Dodgers, particularly at his inflated price.

Manny is a sometimes outfielder, i.e., sometimes he fields and sometimes he doesn't, and there is no telling which you are going to get from moment to moment. His arm never was outstanding, even on those occasions where he wanted to throw, and he would have armless Juan Pierre next to him.

There are the baseball tools - arm, speed, hitting, hitting with power. Well, by that rating system, Manny is a $20 million a year TWO TOOL player.

Then there are the intangibles -- hustle, desire, team player, guts. Now tell me brothers and sisters, which of these tools would you write down in El Senor Manny's column if you had a secret ballot. Damned few. Heck, even Tuxedo Tommy had two, desire and guts.

We wouldn't take Manny for free, just to have to pay him. We certainly would not give up James Loney and the big pitcher in any such deal.

Last year, we got stuck with a passle of Tampa Bay losers. If we were to jump on the Manny bandwagon this year, this would not be the beginning of a trend, if would make the Dodgers the laughing stock and the pigeons of baseball.

If the Dodgers manager wants to manage Ramirez again, let him go someplace where he can accomplish this goal.