Poetic Justice

Superagent Scott Boras talked loyal ballplayer J.D. Drew into jumping ship. They the two sold a bill of goods to the Boston Red Sox for about double the time and money Drew had left on his contract in LA. The Sox salivated and celebrated.

The Yankees, thinking the Sox had got one up on them, tried to help spur the Dodgers on to file a collusion claim just to stir the waters. Now the Dodgers were nonplused to begin with and probably harbored certain non-Christian thoughts towards Boras to boot.

When, as poet Bobby Burns penned in the highlands, the machinations of men went "aft gang awry"-- a reasonable approximation of Scottish that says things are messed up to a fair the well.

It seems Drew's shoulder ain't as healthy as his wallet, and the pop may have topped on the spinach can, turning Popeye Drew into Shawn Green after the kryrponite got snuck into his tea. You'll remember Drew followed Green, now maybe in more ways than one. So the Sox may have a maybe player.

Do the Dodgers feel poorly for the Red Sox? Sure they do. Just like cancer.

Heck, the Dodgers are trying to keep the smirk off their face publicly and the guffaws down to a dull roar.

Will some Dodgers slip out an anonymous line or two that this is what you get for getting under the sheets with Brother Boras? Probably.

What Boras did say in his precess to unsuspicious lookers was that Drew was marvelous physical specimen, as pretty as the famous statue The David. What Boras did not say was Drew has had a history of being as brittle as a the famous statue.

The Dodgers could have had bad luck and had to keep Drew. The double dab that will do you with Drew is Boras comes along with him. Now the Dodgers are largely rid of both of them, a giant plus, er make that advantage.

The Sox are only in the beginning of the learning process regarding J.D. Drew. They will find out he is not a cold weather player, cold weather including when hot lefties are pitching. He will also learn brother Drew would just as soon as take a walk with two on and two out, turning the real work over to the next guy who usually fails.

The Beantown denizens will get onto that trick early on and the Bostoners are not nearly as amused as the folks in LA. The LA types generally like to be entertained. In Boston the only entertainment is winning.

With this little shudder beginning to register in Boston, the cheerleaders might want to keep another eyebrow cocked in the general direction of Julio Lugo. Over time, there have been many Julio Lugos, some good, some lousy. Which of the two will show up is still up in the air. The chances that the good Julio Lugo will show up and keep standing well, we shall see.

Many Caribbean ballplayers prefer to play with the little pelota under the palms and the coconut trees not under icicles and slush and such. Beantown rain is not of the warm variety but rather of the damp kind and pleasant only for masochists.

So for a day or two at least, the Dodgers misfortune, which briefly appeared as a bonanza, is now, temporarily the Red Sox misfortune.

In this holiday season, it is not considered good form to wish ill will to men and Christians everywhere are even prodded to think well of even sinners and enemies. Still in all, what a neat little bit of poetic justice.

Notes-- As typical with late moves, the Dodgers got nada for Catcher Toby Hall, who moved to the White Sox. …The rumor of two so-so second tier Blue Jays outfielders and a AAA pitcher for Brad Penny is underwhelming in the extreme... The Tampa Bay team having signed a Japanese third sacker, finds itself overloaded at all the key corner power hitting positions. …The Dodgers bullpen, 11 weeks after the end of last season and fewer than 8 weeks to spring training, is still unchanged, meaning unimproved. This should keep one or two of the Dodgers traders nervous if not busy during the holidays.

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