Glendale Gets a 'Go' on Dodger Spring Complex

The Arizona Republic reports that the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority says the agency has found enough money to fund both Glendale's (Dodgers) and Goodyear's (Cleveland) requests for spring training facilities that would open in 2009.

A recommendation is expected to go to the eight-member sports authority board on Thursday that would give more than $50 million to Glendale to build a two-team facility for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox, who currently play spring ball in Tucson.

The recommendation would give Goodyear more than $30 million for a one-team facility for the Cleveland Indians.

Funding both proposals would expand the state's Cactus League to 14 teams, 15 if the White Sox find a replacement team for Pima County, as their contract requires.

The recommendation comes after it had appeared that the two West Valley cities would vie against one another for $48 million the sports authority estimated it would have to fund a new stadium.

The authority was created six years ago to build University of Phoenix Stadium and to support spring training and other sporting and tourism ventures. The authority is largely funded with a Maricopa County rental-car and hotel-bed tax.

Glendale is recommended to get over $50 million for its proposed $80.7 million two-team stadium on city-owned land in Phoenix near Camelback Road and 107th Avenue, the memo says.

Glendale's proposal would hinge on the White Sox coming through with a replacement team for Pima County if they want to head north before 2013 when the team's contract expires. Team owner Jerry Reinsdorf has already made that promise. He hasn't said what team it would be.

Neither Glendale nor Goodyear officials were ready to talk details. "We'll feel much better when we hear from them officially," Glendale spokeswoman Julie Frisoni said.