Why Start the Year Off With a Bad Idea?

The Yankees suddenly have had light shine upon them. They have figured out Randy Johnson is closer to 45 than 40 and that he isn't the player he once was. It has dawned on them he, like Greg Maddux, rarely goes five innings in a nine inning game.

He gives up as many runs in half a game as he used to give in a full one. He is paid twice as much now as he used to be but does half as much. He is now overpaid. Simply he should get half as much and do twice as much.

So the Yankees want to swap the aging hurler. Heck, he was aging 10 years ago.

Some brainy writers have suggested Johnson would do better in the warm weather cities of Arizona, San Diego and Los Angeles (this is why us similarly aging types flock to Florida and such places). And it only took 10 minutes for some idiot to suggest the Dodgers as a place for Johnson.

This is would be starting off the new year with a bad idea, a terrible idea.

The Dodgers needed a hitter and bullpen help. They still do. Spending big money on memories is not the way to success. Heck, the Padres have an old pitcher in Greg Maddux. They are thinking about resigning Boomer Wells.

And now they are said to be interested in Johnson. Three guys who can go five on their best day. At that rate, they would need a 20 man pitching staff.

As these guys get older, the one thing they get is more surly - which leads to more clubhouse primadonas.

Instead of being like Ponce de Leon (looking for the fountain of youth), today's baseball geniuses look like Ponce de Loony.

What does it say about baseball when (a) these guys play forever, (b) teams pay these guys when their talent has gone, (c) the owners and gm's so desperately despise youth.

The Atlanta Braves won 15 division titles in a row - and then imploded. Why? They got old.

The Florida Marlins shocked baseball by putting a pretty good team on the field.

Why? They couldn't afford to overpay aging stiffs like everybody else. They HAD to play kids and guess what, young kids CAN play.

So far this winter, the Dodgers, and many other teams, are busy scurrying about paying old guys too much and avoiding kids like they are lepers.

Has anybody but the fans noticed that the two MVPs this past year were Justin Morneau and Ryan Howard, neither of whom make a million? That AL batting champ Joe Mauer is paid peanuts but still doesn't need to spend bucks on razor blades?

Would Branch Rickey have signed 39 year old Luis Gonzalez? Maybe as a minor league manager he would have. Rickey was in the business of jettisoning horses getting ready to break down.

The old cross town Yankees made a dynasty by suckering dumber teams into paying three or four kids on the way up for a single old fogy on the way down. Today's baseball is topsy turvy.

The Dodgers, like lots of other teams, are getting so long in the tooth they need a bunch of dentists not doctors.

For any sane person to even think the Dodgers would be interested in Randy Johnson shows you just how much the Dodgers are thought of these days.

We keep getting out mail confused. We get plenty of mail from the AARP, the American Association of Retired People. They keep sending us gazillions of mail about old age, bad health, doctors, aches and pain medicines and such. Now when we read about Dodgers, we can't tell the difference between baseball and the AARP.