Damian Jackson Signs Minor League Contract

Damian Jackson gets around almost as much as Paris Hilton does. Maybe more. He's played for 10 different organizations and has been on teams in 17 cities. He moves around on the field, too having played every position but pitcher and catcher.

Now he's on the road again; this time signing a minor league contract with the Dodgers Naturally he'll be trying to make it to Los Angeles and he has an invitation to spring training as a non-roster player so he'll have a chance to do that.

Last season Damian played for the Nationals where he came off the bench fairly often but didn't do much hitting - only .198 in fact although he did bop four home runs.

In his younger days he was a good base runner but he's 33 now so doesn't go all that often. Of course, he doesn't get on all that often either. Still, he's the kind of guy you can insert anywhere and he's steady.

So, the Dodgers will give him a chance this spring joining pitchers Travis Smith, Mat White and Dario Veras plus catcher Ken Huckaby as those invited to the camp as non-roster participants with more surely to be named later.