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By the time you read this, the Dodgers will have signed free agent reliever Rudy Seanez, a former Dodger who has had a peripatetic baseball career over the past six or seven years. Seanez first came up with the Dodgers straight out of Mexico throwing a heater near 100 mph but has been plagued by arm problems over the years.

He's had appearances with the Yankees and Red Sox among many other teams. Once consider a closer, he has spent most of the past few years as a middle man, a spot the Dodgers could use some help in.

Problem is if Seanez is signed and stays somebody on the Dodgers deep pitching staff has to go.

Steady Work--Seventeen ex-Dodgers players were signed to free agent contracts over the winter. Getting multi year contracts were: Baltimore—Denys Baez, three years; White Sox—Toby Hall, two years; Boston—J.D. Drew four years, Julio Lugo, four years; Cubs—Henry Blanco, two years, Ted Lilly, four years; Mets—Guillermo Mota, two years.

Also finding work were: Oakland—Mike Piazza; Mets—Jose Valentin; Pittsburgh—Francisco Osoria; Padres— Greg Maddux, Junior Cruz and Todd Greene, Padres; Detroit—Gary Sheffield; Texas—Eric Gagne and Kenny Lofton; Milwaukee—Greg Counsell; Philadelphia—Jason Werth and St. Louis—Jolbert Cabrera, Cards.

Dodger Blue Note-- Yhency Brazoban isn't expected back until at least mid season if at all. Mark Hendrickson and Brett Tomko have reasonably hefty contracts and little market value so are likely to stay. …A review of manager's salaries has Grady Little at $600,000 - 22nd in the big leagues.... Danys Perry of Fox Sports ranked all the big league general managers and Ned Colletti came in at 21st, way down the list. Perry had the Giants Brian Sabean at 17 and ranked as Sabean's negatives (a) his neglect of the farm system, (b) willingness to sell off what prospects he has had and (c) his undying fondness for signing declining phase veterans. He ranked Colletti four spots behind Sabean and cited the same faults. It's interesting Perry ranked Florida's Larry Beinfest (who fired manager Joe Girardi) at a lofty 10th..... Perry ranked the Cubs GM Larry Hendry near the bottom. Hendry just spent $10 million guaranteed on a Notre Dame tight end.

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