Dodger Prospect #18 Chin-Lung Hu is currently taking a look at the top prospects in the Dodger organization. Here's another as we count down to the very best.

Position- Shortstop
Residence- Tainan City, Taiwan
DOB- Feb. 6, 1984
Ht- 5-9
Wt- 152
B/T- R/R
How Obtained- Signed as a free agent 2003
06 Club- Jacksonville (Southern )

Those who have been saying that Hu couldn't hit in the tougher leagues got their chance to cry, "I told you so" when he averaged only .254 with five homers after moving up to AA in 2006. And he didn't do any better in the Arizona Fall League, either.

His detractors have always maintained this because of his small build. Smallish he is but he's compact, very muscular and does have some juice in his bat. And he actually did hit well in the pre-season World Classic and in the post-season Asian Cup while playing for his native Taiwan.

In the Southern League pitchers had success pounding him inside when he didn't get the bat around quickly enough. He's a gap hitter when right and has adjusted, moving away some to better handle the inside half but he can't get too far away because his arms are short.

With all that he continued to sparkle in the field. He has excellent range, soft hands, and good coordination. His arm is about average. All in all, he was the best at his position in his league so while his hitting did fall off , he's still a candidate to play in the big leagues. And .254 isn't all that bad for a shortstop, anyway.

He should take another step forward in 2007 , playing at Las Vegas.

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