Joe Beimel Needs the Money

Joe Beimel needs the money and the Dodgers should give him his raise without having to go to an arbitration meeting. There are any number of reasons the Dodgers should capitulate. First and foremost, Beimel gets thirsty and the drinks aren't exactly cheap. In big league cities, particularly New York.

There was an old guy named Augustine. He lived it up until late in life -- THEN he became a Godly man and a teetotaler. We were a lot like old Augustine. So, although we have turned to the Scriptures, we sampled a lot of this world first.  Live it up, then get right with God. That's the classic definition of "the Augustine 'privilege'". 

It's a great way to go (it really isn't) if you can time it right. Now Brother Beimel has not quite got around to the Augustine privilege just yet, consequently his 'meal money' don't quite get it done.

The second reason the Dodgers ought to give the guy his money is that he has to sit in the bullpen with Fly Ball Tomko, which is enough to make anybody turn to drink.

Also consider this: whilst the Dodgers have trainers galore, there still aren't enough to place a medical type with EVERY player and Midnight Joe has the extra expenses of finding a band-aid late in the evening.

Now it can hardly be Beimel's fault, having a late nip in the Big Apple. He's got to fret about facing Jose Reyes. There are just so many disasters in New York just waiting to happen. Just asking for a glass of water to take an aspirin will get you a $20 tab - without gratuity - for a glass of Perrier (not even the whole bottle).

Beimel will have the added worry this spring about whether he is number 11 or 12 on the pitching roster.  Eleven is in LA, 12 is in Las Vegas.  While Vegas is still minor league baseball, it is big league fun city but the kind of fun that needs a couple of extra bucks in your kick.

In addition, Beimel now has a reputation to uphold. Here is a good time guy. You wouldn't want him to try to uphold his reputation on the cheap.

The Dodgers are "dissing" Beimel. He is just flirting around the million mark for throwing shutout innings while his buddy Tomko gets five times as much for throwing seven inning run-scoring fly balls. Where is the justice in this, we ask you.

The baseball world is also not running to pick up Joe Beimel's check like he was Tommy Lasorda (although Beimel in fairness has had more success as a pitcher than Tommy).  Look at this. Tommy has kept his meal money for decades while Beimel can't even make his last through the day (or night).

So the Dodgers should lighten up a little and give Midnight Joe Beimel a break.  

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