Dodger Prospect #13 Josh Bell is currently taking a look at the top prospects in the system. Here's another as we count down to the very best.

Position- Third Base
Residence- Lantana, Fla.
DOB- Nov. 13, 1986
< Ht- 6-3

Wt- 205

B/T- S/R

How Obtained- Drafted in fourth round 2005
06 Club- Ogden

   Bell stirred some controversy among members of the Dodger front office late last spring. It had been decided that he needed another year in the Gulf Coast League and when scouting director Logan White heard that, he stepped in, pointing out that Bell had hit .318 in that circuit the previous summer, had been scalding the ball all through the extended camp and needed more of a challenge. So, the decision was reversed and he was sent to Ogden in the more demanding Pioneer League instead.

  There he proved to be one of the finer hitting prospects in that circuit. He ripped the ball with some monster games, winding up with a .308 average, 12 homers in 64 games, a .544 slugging percentage and the designation as the All-Star third baseman.

   He's a switch hitter with a quick, slashing stroke from both sides although he may generate more power from the left and more consistency from the right. He tends to let it get long as he gets homer conscious  and is prone to striking out then but he's quite strong. He can be fooled by smart pitchers because he can be impatient, a habit he should break with experience.

   He was a shortstop in high school and has good reactions at third. His arm is strong and his errors come when he attempts to muscle up and make the big throw. He slipped in the draft as a senior when he ate his way out of shape. He's trim enough now but will always have to be careful of his diet.

   Last season he indicated he could be one of the quick rising stars in the system. He'll probably start this year at low A Great Lakes.