There Will be Spring; Tommy Saw His Shadow

If the groundhog sees his shadow, there is said to be an early spring. Well, Tot, Tommy saw his shadow and even if Nebraska doesn't thaw out until the Easter Parade, it is okay for you to begin thinking about spring training in Florida. 

Even though it was drizzling and damp at the SuperBowl yesterday in Miami, Albert Gore called me and told he has no doubt global warming is coming as along with the computer, he had invented it.

A year ago, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti, got of to a very late start - not his fault but he didn't get hired until after thanksgiving. This year, he started early, looks to have gotten tired and has been snoozing for the last six weeks.

The only deal the Dodgers could make last week was to jettison the once wonderful Oscar Robles and to sign on one Larry Bigbie.

The Dodgers gave up Robles the same way they found him, anonymously.  The kid came up,  had a bunch of hits right off the bat, and then Colletti decided he didn't like as nearly as much as the old Giant spare infielder Ramon Martinez. (Of course, Colletti then decided he liked Julio Lugo and Martinez was little used in the second half of he season).

Now Lugo is in Boston, Robles is home in Mexico and the Dodgers have nary a spare middle infielder. Who can figure.  But Robles is youngest compared  to the Dodgers players and he may have time to come again.

We don't know why Robles was dumped. Just that he was. We also can't figure why Larry Bigbie was added either. He was out of baseball already. He has been hurt. Even when he was healthy, he frankly never reminded anybody of Roy Hobbs (the "Natural"). It does appear Bigbie does have two arms which are usable and useful as well.

Well, there is it is. Robles and Bigbie. Frankly not much to stir one from a long winter's nap.

Two other ex Dodgers player did get a call over the weekend. Paul Shuey is back in baseball (Orioles) and Texas native Kelly Wunsch went home to the Lone Star State.  This is of course nice but probably will not mean much.

There is a rule in baseball, or at least there ought  to  be, that one  shouldn't waste a lot of time on players names who pop up between Feb. 1 and 15, with the possible exception of Bernie Williams, the ageless Yankee.

But not to worry, Tommy is stirring. Old Ponce de Leon, who started out in Florida with Tommy so many years ago, started out looking for gold. Tommy was much more practical,  he simply discovered the "Early Beard Dinner". Tommy, who will be 80 this year, has had more paid meals in Florida than some whole visiting nations.

This may be the curtain call for the Dodgers in Florida. And a sad thing it will be. Of course the real Dodgers already left, when the O'Malley family left baseball.  Tommy is about the only guy left who can say he saw most of the Dodgers for well over half a century.  The only other person still alive and in the saddle is England's Queen Elizabeth. Now there's a pair for you.

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