Dodger Prospect #8 Greg Miller is currently taking a look at the top prospects in the organization. Here's another as we count down to the very best.

   Name- GREG DAVID MILLER. Position- Relief Pitcher
Residence- Phoenix, Ariz.
DOB- Nov. 3, 1984
Ht- 6-5

\par Wt- 220
B/T- L/L 
How Obtained- Drafted in the first round (supplemental ) 2002
2006 Clubs- Jacksonville (Southern ) Las Vegas (Pacific Coast)

   Miller's rehabilitation period from shoulder surgery took a year and one half and when he came back it was with an altered delivery, down from the over-the-top style he had always used to more of a three-quarters slot to ease pressure on the injured area. However, finding an angle from which he could deliver all his pitches and which at the same time he felt comfortable with hasn't been easy.

   He's moved it around a bit to get the feel and while he can deliver with velocity, he hasn't been able to keep control. In the 37 innings he worked last year, he walked 33 while striking out 32, an unacceptable ratio. Held back in relief as a cautionary procedure, he did reach 95 mph with excellent movement plus throw a curve with a devastating break. But he often groped to get the pitches to wind up where he aimed them.

  So, while others from the 2002 draft have made their way to the big leagues, he, at onetime the most promising of all, has been confined to the minors to seek answers. He's had a reported excellent off-season as far as his condition is concerned  and has moved to the Phoenix area to be able to work out on a regular basis. That's another of his strong points- he's a diligent worker plus being an intelligent one.

   If his arm is truly sound, they'd love to get him back to starting for he was one of the truly fine prospects in all the minors before getting hurt. As a starter he uses a cutter and chanegup as well as his two main pitches. He'll no doubt begin the year at Las Vegas to see just how far he's traveled on the trail back.