Younger prospects to fill out squad

VERO BEACH, FL:--Last season, Mark Alexander saved 27 games- one with Las Vegas and 26 with Jacksonville. That earned him honors as the Dodgers Minor League Pitcher of the Year but it neither got him promoted to L.A. nor even an invitation to train with the big club as a non-roster performer.

       Now, though, it appears that Alexander may get his chance to show Grady Little what he can do for he's one of 31 players off minor rosters who have arrived for an advance camp. The camp was ordered by the new director of player development DaJon Watson, to give some prize prospects an early jump on training and to give Little a group to draw from for help in exhibition games.

   "He can use them, particularly on days we have split-squad games," explained Watson, who was hired to replace Terry Collins, who has departed for a managing job in Japan.

    There are 31 players in the camp- or will be when the players from Mexico arrive-including not only Alexander but the top draft choice of 2006, lefthander Clayton Kershaw.  One, catcher Tony Harper, is already across Dodgertown helping the big club as an extra receiver.

   Three players who have major league experience that have been signed as free agents will also join in. They include Larry Barnes, who played with L.A. for 30 games in 2003 and Augustin Montero, a former Dodger farmhand who got into 11 games with the White Sox last season. There's also third baseman Marshall McDougall, who played briefly with the Rangers in 2005. 

   First baseman Mitch Jones, formerly in the Yankee system, is also included with the rest drawn from the Dodger system including two have been converted to catching , Lucas May and Carlos Santana, both having previously played in the infield and outfield.

The complete list:

Pitchers- Spike Lundberg, Montero, Brian Akin, Javy Guerra, Cody White, Alexander,  Ramon Troncoso, Wesley Wright, Miguel Sanfler, Marlon Arias, Kershaw, Casey Hoorelbeke, Brent Leach, Jesus Castillo.

Catchers- Santana, May, Kenley Jansen, Gabriel Gutierrez, Harper.

First Base- Jones, Cory Dunlap, Barnes.

Infield- McDougall, Josh Bell, Ivan DeJesus, Jr., Blake DeWitt, Travis Denker, Francisco Lizarraga.

Outfield- Ryan Rogowski, Drew Locke, Jamie Hoffman.

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