White Might Get to Discuss Pitching

   VERO BEACH, Fla- Since Matt White has become the most famous denizen of a rock quarry since Fred Flintstone, he's been featured in every form of media from coast-to-coast answering questions about his good (considerable) fortune. Although he's obliging, he'd rather talk about his pitching.

If he keeps throwing the way he has and Joe Beimel's arm doesn't come around, he  might have the opportunity.

   White, as you undoubtedly know, is the man who bought a plot of land in Massachusetts which , he was to find, contained a form of rock used in making patios. Estimated value over 4 billion (with a 'b') dollars. Rather than put Bill Gates on his speed dial, he did what he has been doing every spring- showed up in a training camp looking for a job.

  His chances to make the Dodgers seemed dubious until Beimel reported his shoulder was bothering him.  It was Joe, you remember, who showed up here last spring, also seeking employment. He'd been rejected by the Pirates despite the fact that they have a pitching staff about as reliable as the Iraqi militia. Yet, he went on to become the Dodgers' go-to lefthander in the bullpen.

   That's what he's supposed to be this year, as well, but his shoulder has been bothering him to the extent that they have to have concern. And, maybe, start looking for alternatives.

  So here's White who also happens to throw with his left arm. What's more, he's been throwing with it very well in his early spring opportunities. With that, the odds on his making the club have shortened.

  It's not because he has an awe-inspiring record. He's been a pro for 10 years since he left Clemson  and during that time  he's had chances up on top with the Red Sox,Mariners and Nationals. The results have been a total of seven games pitched , two losses and a 16.76 ERA. Talk about underwhelming.

  Still, he appears to know what he's doing out there and the results have been flawless so far this spring. Thus, he's thrust himself into the lefthanded picture along with Hong-Chih Kuo and Greg Miller. But Kuo may get a job in the rotation and  the thinking on Miller currently is he might well go to Las Vegas to become a starter once more, something he did with élan before his shoulder problems.

  They could do that if White comes through or Beimel's shoulder stops aching. So, at age 29, Matt might-just might- have a big league job at last. That's if he can get some time off from all those proposals and propositions he's sure to receive.

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