So How Are the Young Players Doing?

   VERO BEACH, Fla.- Let's take a first look at the young players on the Dodgers 40-man roster and see how they're faring with an indication of whether they've moved up, down or stayed the same in the club's estimation.

ZACH HAMMES, rhp- The best he could hope for is a Jacksonville assignment and that seems to be in order now that he's been optioned. Even.

TIM HAMULACK, lhp- Unlike last year, he doesn't seem to be getting much consideration at all in his effort to make the team. Down.

ERIC HULL, rhp- Another who isn't judged as being ready so has been optioned. That was pre-ordained. Even.

MATT KEMP, of.- So far hasn't crowded his way onto the team. Frankly, he hasn't been impressive. Down.

HONG-CHIH KUO, lhp- Is very much in contention for the fifth starting spot. Up.

ANDY LAROCHE, 3b.- Hasn't beaten Wilson Betemit for the third base job; has added outfielding to his chores. Even.

JAMES LONEY, 1b.- Has hit everything and everybody in sight. Won't be given the first base job unless Nomar goes to third. Maybe that should happen. Up.

MIKE MEGREW, lhp- Has looked fine but clearly isn't ready. Has been optioned. Even.

GREG MILLER, lhp- Has electric stuff. May be sent back to starting as a result. Up.

ERIC STULTS, lhp-. Was doing okay until his last outing.  Down.

CHIN-HUI TSAO, rhp- Doesn't appear to be getting consideration but has generally looked good. Up

. WILSON VALDEZ, inf.- Has been one of the pleasant surprises. Can handle a lot of chores. Up.

DELWYN YOUNG, of.- Has performed well enough but is another for whom there isn't room right now. Even.