Non- Roster Report Card

VERO BEACH, Fla.- Now let's take a look at the non-roster players in the major league camp and see how they've done so far, and whether they have advanced their cause, gone down, or stayed relatively the same.

TONY ABREU, 2b- He's looked great in every game he's played. He'll start the year in Las Vegas but should be in the big leagues before the year has ended. Up.

LARRY BIGBIE, of- Got off to fast start, has cooled down but has shown that he's still a big league hitter. Up.

SCOTT ELBERT, lhp- Has great stuff but he's been overthrowing, causing command problems. Needs more seasoning, obviously. Down.

A. J. ELLIS, c.- Was brought in to handle the extra pitchers with no thought of his making the team. Now, he'll fight for a job at either Las Vegas or Jacksonville. Even.

CHOO FREEMAN, of- So far he hasn't demonstrated that he belongs in the big leagues. Down.

CHIN-LUNG HU, ss.- Looks more solid with more pop in his back. Has done his usual good job in the field. He'll go to Vegas to team with Abreu for fourth straight season. Up.

KEN HUCKABY, c.- He knows his role; he'll be stashed at Vegas as an emergency backup. Even.

DAMIAN JACKSON, inf.- His fate was sealed when Wilson Valdez started shining. Was released and may retire. Down.

SANDY MARTINEZ, c- A veteran who doesn't seem to figure in anyplace, really. Down.

JOE MAYS, rhp- Has generally pitched quite well so is in the mix for a starting role although there are others in line ahead of him. Up.

JON MELOAN, rhp- Has caught the eye of the brass with some fine outings. He'll go down, possibly to learn closer's role. Up.

RUDY SEANEZ, rhp.- He's thrown the ball very well but there may be no room in the bullpen at this time and he's on record as not being interested in going to the minors. Up.

TRAVIS SMITH, rhp- Didn't perform well enough to get any serious consideration. Down.

KELLY STINNETT, c- He's here, he says, to win a big league job. Doesn't appear likely. Down.

FERNANDO TATIS, 3b- Is there life in his bat yet? If there is , he'll have to prove it at Vegas or for some other team. Down.

DARIO VERAS, rhp- After several year's absence from organized ball, he's been sent out to continue his comeback in the minors which is not surprising. Even.

MATT WHITE, lhp. If you can get past the fact that he's a billionaire rock pile owner, he's done pretty well in his few mound tries. Up.

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