Little Hope In Little Extension

So Grady Little got a one year contract extension plus another option for 2009. Here is one grumpy old fans' opinion that this is not the greatest news Dodger fans have ever gotten. Here us my reasoning.

The last Dodgers World Championship was in 1988. Their is little hope the next is in sight, pun intended.

This is year two in the reign of GM Ned Colletti and Manager Grady Little. So far, this lifelong (over 60 years and counting) Dodgers fan is not impressed.

Now I have nothing against them personally but what do we know so far?

This team likes seasoned players. They do not like younger players, no matter how good.

The Dodgers, needing a big hitter for the middle of the lineup, came up empty over the winter. They did come up with two pitchers over 30 at very big dollars, one who was troubled by injuries, the other coming off surgery. They re-signed a player often hurt.

The biggest move of spring training was to tell a young and strong hurler who had not been scored on he was not being considered as a starter now -- in favor of two guys who struggled last year and assorted others. The guys who are guaranteed of starting are having so-so springs.

The Billingsley decision, a bummer, in favor of Tomko and Hendricksen is a perfect example of the tendencies and a perfect illustration of why this Dodgers fan is little impressed, another pun intended.

Now they are actually thinking about sending the best Dodgers hitter on the 40 man roster, James Loney, back to the minor leagues. This is not a joke. If this is actually done, it will be the second bum decision of 2007 and worse than the first.

Are there worse hitters on the guys who will make the Dodgers? Yes there are. Who are they? ALL of them.

And the Dodgers give extensions to guys who make decisions like this? You may like it but we don't. Not at all.

There is a simple reason. Very simple and very personal. We wanted to see one more Dodgers world championship before the grim reaper calls. With decisions like this, I fear it ain't gonna happen.  

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