It Ain't Fair

There's a kid pitcher at Creighton University in Omaha who has two arms. That is, he throws both right handed AND left handed. The Dodgers have two outfielders with NO throwing arms -Luis Gonzalez in left and Juan Pierre in center.

Gonzo has had a Tommy John operation on his throwing arm and speedy Juan has never had a major league throwing arm. In the early going, opposition runners have taken liberty against both.

Believe us, the scout tom-toms have been beating through the National  League and probably the American League as well, spreading the news.

For the money the Dodgers spent on the pair of new outfielders, one would have thought they could have gotten players with at least a bare minimum of major league ability in all the basic categories.

When they said Pete Grey (the St. Louis Browns WWII era outfielder) had no arm, they meant it. One of his arms was actually missing. He made up for this by speedily catching the ball in his glove, tucking the glove under his armpit and tossing the ball with his one arm (which by the way was stronger than that of Gonzo and Pierre). 

Spare outfielders Brady Clark and Kemp are allready getting into ballgames as late inning defensive improvements. At least manager Grady Little knows what all the other teams know: as long as the regular outfielders are still in the game, the other team is going to run on them.

Nomar and Mia Garciaparra now have twins. Girls. We are one half of a pair of twins and have some appreciation of what will be going on in the Garciaparra houseld. The difference between the Garciaparra houselold and the one we grew up in is the wide gap between Nomar's salary and our pop's.

Nothing against Nomar,but the size of his proposcis is generous, to put it mildly. Pinocchio comes to mind. God forbid the girls should take after poppa in the proboscis department. At least he has the wherewithall to underwrite rhinoplasty (plastic surgery).

Have You Noticed the new major league baseball caps with the little whatever it is over the ears. Now these caps go for $26 bucks at the ballpark. Sure looks like a fancy marketing scheme to sell more hats. Problem is they look ugly to some. Different, yes. Better, no.

Here's Hoping Rafy Furcal gets back soon. His temporary replacement is surehanded with the balls he can get to, but Mr. Martinez does not have nearly Rafy's range afield.

The Dodgers Lost the first series of the season, getting outpitched, outfielded, outhit. The Brewers looked young and strong. Whether the Brewers pitching is that good is to be seen, but the Dodgers looked like they could ber pitched to.