Abreu, May Dominate Early Hitting Stats

Second baseman Tony Abreu and catcher Lucas May tops the Dodger minor league hitting charts in the early going. Mike Megrew tops two lists among the pitchers but, as you know, two weeks worth of games is hardly an indication of anything, but they are interesting none the less.

Abreu, who had a strong spring training and seems to be the heir-apparent when -- or if -- second baseman Jeff Kent ever hangs up his equipment and moves into the Hall of Fame, which we will eventually.

The talented 22-year-old from Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, in his sixth season with the Dodgers, displayed his wares so well during the exhibition games, the Los Angeles brass had no trouble allowing veteran infielders Damian Jackson wander off to find employment elsewhere.

He was signed as a free agent in October of 2002 and is in his fifth season with the Dodgers

Abreu leads in batting average (.404), on-base percentage (.491) and hits (19) in the early going.

Lucas May, also 22, was a talented shortstop who led the Gulf Coast League in assists with 143 in 2003 after beind drafted in the eighth round that same year, and who is now being converted to catching, a position switch that sometimes takes a player's mind off what he is doing at the plate.

But not so with May, who tops the system in runs scored (15), home runs (5), total bases 38) and runs batted in (16).

Other batting leaders are Mitch Jones, on base plus slugging (1.232) and doubles, (6); Blake DeWitt who is the leader in triples (3) and Trayvon Robinson who has four stolen bases.

Pitching Leaders

Mike Megrew is the only double winner among the hurlers, leading the way in starters earned run average with a perfect 0.00 and in innings pitched, 22.

Cody Wade has already won for games in relief; Carols Alvarez has the relief ERA leadership, along with Brent Leach and Wesley Wright (0.00); Matt White tops the list in games pitched (6) and Mike Gardner is the leader in WHIP (walks and hits per inning) with a sparkling 0.50 mark.

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 Average--	        ave  tm
Tony Abreu 2b	        .404  LV
Choo Freeman of	        .400  LV
Mitch Jones of	        .381  LV
Sergio Garcia 2b	.364  LV
Russell Mitchell 3b	.361  IE
Francisco Lizarraga ss	.346  GL

 On-base percentage--	obp  tm
Tony Abreu 2b	        .491  LV
Sergio Garcia 2b	.475  LV
Choo Freeman of	        .457  LV
Russell Mitchell 3b	.439  IE
Mitch Jones of	        .422  LV
Lucas May c	        .417 IE

 On-base + slugging--   ops  tm
Mitch Jones of	        1.232  LV
Lucas May c	        1.134  IE
Tony Abreu 2b	        1.108  LV
Russell Mitchell 3b	1.022  IE
Choo Freeman of	        1.007  LV
Sergio Garcia 2b	 .990  LV

 Games--	        gm  tm
Ivan De Jesus ss	13  IE
Blake DeWitt 3b	        13  IE
Jamie Hoffman of	13  IE
James Loney 1b	        13  LV
Lucas May c	        13  IE
Luis Maza 2b	        13  Jx
Marshall McDougall 3b	13  Jx
Xavier Paul of	        13  Jx

 Runs--	                runs  tm
Lucas May c	        15  IE
Tony Abreu 2b	        14  LV
Jamie Hoffman of	12  IE
Ivan De Jesus ss	11  IE
Russell Mitchell 3b	10  IE
Andy LaRoche 3b	        10  LV

Hits--	                hits  tm
Tony Abreu 2b	        19  LV
Lucas May c	        18  IE
Choo Freeman of	        16  LV
Jamie Hoffman of	16  IE
Mitch Jones of	        16  LV
James Loney 1b	        14  LV
Ivan De Jesus ss	14  IE

 Doubles--	        2b  tm
Mitch Jones of	        6  LV
Russell Mitchell 3b	5  IE
Ivan De Jesus ss	4  IE
Tomas Perez ss	        4  LV
Anthony Raglani of	4  Jx
Ryan Rogowski of	4  IE

 Triples--	        3b  tm
Blake DeWitt 3b	        3  IE
Tony Abreu 2b	        2  LV
Xavier Paul of	        2  Jx
Ryan Rogowski of	2  IE

 Home runs--	        hr  tm
Lucas May c	        5  IE
Mitch Jones of	        4  LV
John Lindsey 1b	        4  Jx
Anthony Raglani of	3  Jx
Andy LaRoche 3b	        2  LV
Delwyn Young of	        2  LV

 Total bases--	        tb  tm
Lucas May c	        38  IE
Mitch Jones of	        34  LV
Tony Abreu 2b	        29  LV
Anthony Raglani of	26  Jx
Jamie Hoffman of	24  IE
Blake DeWitt 3b	        23  IE

 Runs batted in--	bi  tm
Lucas May c	        16  IE
Mitch Jones of	        14  LV
Jamie Hoffman of	12  IE
James Loney 1b	        11  LV
Delwyn Young of	         8  LV
Choo Freeman of	         7  LV
John Lindsey 1b	         7  Jx
Russell Mitchell 3b	 7  IE
Anthony Raglani of	 7  Jx

 Stolen bases--	       sb-cs  tm
Trayvon Robinson of	4-1   GL
Sergio Garcia 2b	3-0   LV
Andrew Locke of	        3-1   IE
Ryan Rogowski of	3-1   IE
Luke Allen of	        2-0   Jx
Jamie Hoffman of	2-0   IE
Francisco Lizarraga ss	2-0   GL
Adam Godwin of	        2-1   IE


 Wins--	        w-l  tm
Cory Wade	4-0  IE
Carlos Alvarez	2-0  Jx
Mike Gardner	2-0  GL
DJ Houlton	2-0  LV
Eric Stults	2-0  LV
William Juarez	2-1  Jx
Jon Meloan	2-1  Jx

 Saves--	sv  tm
Ramon Troncoso	 3  IE
Chin-hui Tsao	 2  LV

 Earned run average--
    [starters]	era  tm
Mike Megrew	0.00  Jx
Clayton Kershaw	1.23  GL
DJ Houlton	1.62  LV
Eric Stults	2.30  LV
Cody White	2.35  GL
Greg Miller	2.57  LV

 Earned run average--
   [relief]	 era  tm
Brent Leach	0.00  IE
Carlos Alvarez	0.00  Jx
Wesley Wright	0.00  Jx
Cory Wade	0.71  IE
Mike Gardner	0.75  GL
Francisco Felix	0.82  GL

 WHIP--	        whip  tm
Mike Gardner	0.50  GL
Tim Hamulak	0.57  LV
Francisco Felix	0.64  GL
Jon Meloan	0.65  Jx
Mike Megrew	0.75  Jx
Chin-hui Tsao	0.75  LV
Matt White	0.75  LV

 Games--	        gm  tm
Matt White	        6  LV
Mario Alvarez	        5  IE
Tim Hamulak	        5  LV
Casey Hoorelbeke	5  LV
Eric Hull	        5  LV
Brent Leach	        5  IE
Jon Meloan	        5  Jx
Ramon Troncoso	        5  IE
Cory Wade	        5  IE
Wesley Wright	        5  Jx

 Games started--	gs  tm
William Juarez	        3  Jx
Marlon Arias	        3  IE
Eric Cyr	        3  Jx
Scott Elbert	        3  Jx
DJ Houlton	        3  LV
Joe Mays	        3  LV
Eric Stults	        3  LV

 Innings--	 in   tm
Mike Megrew	22.0  Jx
William Juarez	18.0  Jx
Joe Mays	18.0  LV
DJ Houlton	16.2  LV
Eric Stults	15.2  LV
Eric Cyr	14.2  Jx

 Strikeouts--	so  tm
Scott Elbert	24  Jx
Cory Wade	16  IE
DJ Houlton	15  LV
Jesus Castillo	14  IE
Eric Stults	14  LV
Ramon Troncoso	14  IE
  LV = Las Vegas
  JX = Jacksonville
  IE = Inland Empire
  GL = Great Lakes

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