Hamulack's Still Around, Isn't He?

     Denys Baez, Lance Carter, Jae Seo, Tim Hamulack. All were acquired during the busy winter of 2005-06 with the idea that each could be a vital part of the Los Angeles pitching parade this past season. All were on the opening day roster; each was tried and each failed. All moved elsewhere except Hamulack whose own position is a bit cloudy.

        It was hoped that Tim could be a resourceful lefthander out of the bullpen. Not measuring up, he was sent down, then recalled, only to finally be dispatched to Las Vegas to stay without even a September callup. No wins, three losses and a 6.35 ERA will do that to you. However while the others have found their way out of the organization, he's still a part of it.

     Not a particularly noticed part, in truth. In the spring while he threw the ball well enough, his was never a name mentioned when roster possibilities were discussed. His quick dismissal to Vegas followed and there he is, well, sort of. Right now, he's on the disabled list with some arm aches although he could be activated at any time.

   Actually, the 6-2, 220-pounder has pitched well so far in the opportunities that he's been given. He's appeared in seven innings with no decisions, has a 1.29 ERA and seven strikeouts during that stretch. Opponents are batting only .154 against him. Now, if he can get back in there and keep going at that rate, he could garner some attention once more.

    Some pitchers have a way of sneaking up on you. After all, at the start of last season, who knew what Joe Beimel or Takashi Saito could do? Yet, here they are, important members of the bullpen having won their ways into the hearts of management. So much so, that Beimel's late-night transgressions with a glass (and the lies that accompanied it) were forgiven. Don't produce and see what blunders like that will get you.

   So, Hamulack isn't out of the picture entirely. He's 29 now or at an age where the window hasn't closed although it seems to be narrowing some. Right now, it would appear that Matt "The Billionaire" White is the favored lefthander to be called up from Vegas should such services be required. And he's throwing very well, too.

   Hamulack is something of a late-bloomer. He was in five different organizations before finally arriving with the Mets in 2005.  His pitches don't overwhelm you but he can be effective.

   He'll have to be to regain the status he enjoyed when he entered the system. It's possible, though. Now, all he has to do is get healthy and keep on performing like he has done so far this year. Only then might he emerge once more.  

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