Texas Has Sosa; L.A. Only Soso

The Texas Rangers have Sammy Sosa, who has out-homered the so-so LA Dodgers so far - and that one line is a more than fair commentary on the season through April.

The Dodgers admitted they were punchless at the end of last season and made adding punch their number one goal of the off-season. The did not succeed.

The Dodgers could have had Sammy Sosa, and for much less than they invested in Luis Gonzalez. It was a direction they chose not to go into it.

The failure to add punch is indeed showing up the starting pitching for what it is, i.e., not nearly as good as most people, even knowledgeable baseball people, thought it was. True, the Dodgers pitching is long and deep.

But, at least through April, while long, it has not lived up to its reputation or expectations.

The Dodgers started off 13-6 and are now 15-11. That's a 2-5 finish for the month.

The Dodgers, lacking punch, stayed with Wilson Betemit the entire month. He finished at .125. He complained hitting 8th was the reason. He was moved up to 7th. He still finished at .125.

Maybe he will complain again and Grady Little will move him up to 6th.

The Dodgers best hitting infielder is Tony Abreu.

Unfortunately, he is at Las  Vegas rather than in Los Angeles. Also unfortunately, he is a kid and he has never played in San Francisco, two decided negatives with the Dodgers leadership.

Are we the only Dodgers junkie who would rather be watching Tony Abreu and Matt Kemp and James Loney swinging the ash for the big league club, and swinging away every day?

In the 9-1 loss to the Diamondbacks, Grady Little gave up early and managed the game as if it were a spring training game, taking his starters out early.

Will somebody tell Little teams have come back from bigger deficits before. And while they are telling the throwing in the towel Little that, maybe they can tap him on the shoulder and remind him that the people in the seats are paying premium prices to see an all out effort all the way.

We have a six word prescription for rejuvenating (a word chosen carefully) the Dodgers - send the bus to Las Vegas.

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