Draft Report: Price Not Right For Rays?

For months now, it has seemingly been a given that when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays announced their top pick in the 2007 draft it would be Vanderbilt lefty, David Price. Well, not so fast. According to reports, Tampa Bay may be headed in a different direction. Find out who may actually be the top pick come June 7th.

They've played it well and they've played it quietly. The Devil Rays have continually sidestepped the questions about selecting David Price number one overall for weeks now. Logic would say that they were simply keeping their options opened, but according to several sources, the reason they have not committed to Price is because they have another option in mind. Who might that option be? Matt Wieters.

According to sources, the Devil Rays may have decided to head in a different direction and take one of the best hitting catchers to enter the draft in several years, Matt Wieters. Wieters has had another outstanding season with Georgia Tech and has played especially well of late. While the Rays are keeping all options in front of them, it certainly appears now that they are leaning towards Wieters. There have even been reports that the two sides are already working on a deal.

"There is definitely a chance [Wieters] could be the first guy picked," explained an AL crosschecker. "He's going to be and already is a very special player and Tampa likes him a lot. He's a heck of a player. I'd say there's a real good chance that they go with him."

Now, this is not say that Wieters will be the definite top pick come June 7th, but don't let it surprise you if it is not David Price. Right now, it appears that if you had to make a bet, put your money on Matt Wieters. But, maybe the bigger issue is how that could potentially impact the rest of the draft. For one, it would mean that the Royals would jump right in David Price with the second pick. So, don't expect an Andrew Miller-esque drop for Price; he does not have those same signability questions. Here are a few scenarios that could go down if Wieters were to be taken first overall. Of course, these are just a handful of several scenarios that could occur.

Scenario #1 Scenario #2 Scenario #3 Scenario #4 Scenario #5
Tampa Bay - Matt Wieters Tampa Bay - Matt Wieters Tampa Bay - Matt Wieters Tampa Bay - Matt Wieters Tampa Bay - Matt Wieters
Kansas City - David Price Kansas City - David Price Kansas City - David Price Kansas City - David Price Kansas City - David Price
Chicago - Josh Vitters Chicago - Josh Vitters Chicago - Jarrod Parker Chicago - Phillippe Aumont Chicago - Josh Vitters
Pittsburgh - Ross Detwiler Pittsburgh - Brett Cecil Pittsburgh - Josh Vitters Pittsburgh - Josh Vitters Pittsburgh - Phillippe Aumont
Baltimore - Rick Porcello Baltimore - Ross Detwiler Baltimore - Brett Cecil Baltimore - Ross Detwiler Baltimore - Daniel Moskos
Washington - Daniel Moskos Washington - Phillippe Aumont Washington - Rick Porcello Washington - Daniel Moskos Washington - Rick Porcello
Milwaukee - Phillippe Aumont Milwaukee - Jarrod Parker Milwaukee - Phillippe Aumont Milwaukee - Madison Bumgarner Milwaukee - Jarrod Parker
Colorado - Matt Dominguez Colorado - Matt Dominguez Colorado - Mike Moustakas Colorado - Brett Cecil Colorado - Ross Detwiler
Arizona - Jarrod Parker Arizona - Blake Beavan Arizona - Ross Detwiler Arizona - Casey Weathers Arizona - Brett Cecil
San Francisco - Casey Weathers San Francisco - Beau Mills San Francisco - Daniel Moskos San Francisco - Rick Porcello San Francisco - Blake Beavan

Draft Notes

- It appears the recent rumors that Max Scherzer will not sign with Arizona before the May 30th deadline are purely Scott Boras propaganda. The word going around among scouts is that Scherzer and Boras are more than likely going to accept the Diamondbacks offer; however, Scherzer will continue to pitch for Fort Worth up until the deadline because of the agreement he has with the team and the revenue the Forth Worth Cats can generate when he pitches. But, do not expect Scherzer to re-enter the 2007 draft.

- The most recent name to surface as a potential top 10 pick is Maryland closer, Brett Cecil. The hard throwing southpaw is considered to be one of the safest picks in the entire class and he would be a cheaper option among the mass of Boras clients. Most scouts believe he could excel as a starter, as it would be unlikely for a team to select him as a closer that high. He's been strongly linked to the Pirates and Orioles. If the Pirates do no not get their way and get Josh Vitters, they may go the safe route with Cecil.

- According to many within the industry, the Colorado Rockies have zeroed in on Chatsworth High School standout, Matt Dominguez for the 8th overall pick. He sits atop their priority list, but the word is that they'd have trouble passing on Ross Detwiler if he lasts that long.

- With everyone thinking about Rick Porcello, Phillippe Aumont, and Jarrod Parker, the forgotten man has been Blake Beavan. But, he has not been forgotten by the scouting community. Many are projecting him as a strong candidate as a top 10 picked. The Giants have been following him closely, as have the Diamondbacks.

- A surprise name in the first round come June 7th could be Oklahoma's Owassa High School shortstop, Peter Kozma. There have been strong indications that the Cincinnati Reds, who pick 15th overall, and the Toronto Blue Jays, who pick 16th overall, have significant interesting in the toolsy middle infielder. It is considered a stretch for him to be viewed as a first round talent, but there are select teams, like the ones mentioned, that believe his tools are as polished and playable as any high school position player in the draft.

- It's becoming more and more clear that Rick Porcello could fall much further in this draft than anyone expects. For one, he is believed to have the highest price tag of any player in the draft. Also, some teams are beginning to reconsider who they believe is the top high school arm in the draft. A great percentage of teams have Canadian prep right-hander, Phillippe Aumont as the top high school arm on their draft boards and not Porcello, regardless of signability. If Porcello falls beyond the Nationals at pick six, it may be nearly impossible to get him signed.

- How high has Phillippe Amount's stock risen? We are running out of words to describe his rapid rise up every organization's draft board. It is a fact that there are some scouts and crosscheckers that view him as not only as the best high school pitcher in the draft, but also as the top player in the entire class. He has definitely pitched himself into strong top 5 consideration.

- One of the most interesting storylines of this draft may be where Vanderbilt closer, Casey Weathers is selected. According to sources, Weathers could be the college reliever to buck the trends of many teams not wanting to take college closers in the top half of the first round. The Giants have been consistently linked to the hard throwing righty.