Minor League Leaders Chart

Mitch Jones of Las Vegas tops the charts wit 13 home runs and 39 runs batted. Teammate Larry Bigbie leads in batting average and on-base percentage and Ryan Rogowski of Inland Empire has 14 stolen bases to top the list.

In the pitching department, Cory Wade of Inland Empire has six wins and Jon Meloan of Jacksonville has six saves. Eric Cyr of Jacksonville leads the starters with a 2.47 ERA and Brent Leach tops the relievers with an 0.45. Clayton Kershaw of Great Lakes is the leader with 61 strikeouts. The complete list:
 Average		ave  tm
Larry Bigbie of	        .371 LV
Chin Lung Hu ss	        .353 Jx
Travis Denker 2b	.342 IE
Russell Mitchell 3b	.321 IE
Jamie Hoffman of	.313 IE
Sergio Garcia 2b	.305 LV
Fran Lizarraga ss	.302 GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	.289 GL
Delwyn Young of	        .286 LV
Bridger Hunt of        	.285 GL

 On-base percentage	 obp tm
Larry Bigbie of	        .450 LV
Travis Denker 2b	.412 IE
Chin Lung Hu ss	        .391 Jx
Russell Mitchell 3b	.389 IE
Anthony Raglani of	.376 Jx
Cory Dunlap 1b        	.372 Jx
Eduardo Perez 1b	.368 GL
Sergio Garcia 2b	.365 LV
Xavier Paul of	        .364 Jx
Jamie Hoffman of	.362 IE

 Slugging--	        slug tm
Mitch Jones of 	        .592 LV
Russell Mitchell 3b 	.571 IE
John Lindley 1b 	.560 Jx
Larry Bigbie of 	.543 LV
Anthony Raglani of 	.527 Jx
Travis Denker 2b 	.509 IE
Lucas May c 	        .500 IE
Marshall McDougall 3b 	.494 Jx
Chin Lung Hu ss 	.491 Jx
Matt Kemp of 	        .491 LV
Delwyn Young of 	.491 LV

 On-base + slugging--	 ops tm
Larry Bigbie of	        .993 LV
Russell Mitchell 3b	.959 IE
Mitch Jones of	        .943 LV
Travis Denker 2b	.921 IE
John Lindley 1b        	.921 Jx
Anthony Raglani of	.904 Jx
Chin Lung Hu ss	        .882 Jx
Delwyn Young of	        .846 LV
Lucas May c	        .845 IE
Jamie Hoffman of	.838 IE

 Games--	        gm tm
Marshall McDougall 3b	46 Jx
Xavier Paul of	        46 Jx
Anthony Raglani of	45 Jx
Ivan De Jesus ss	44 IE
Blake DeWitt 3b	        44 IE
James Loney 1b	        44 LV
Lucas May c	        44 IE
Chin Lung Hu ss	        43 Jx

 Runs-- 	        run tm
Delwyn Young of 	32 LV
Russell Mitchell 3b 	31 IE
Lucas May c 	        29 IE
Xavier Paul of 	        29 Jx
Mitch Jones of 	        27 LV
Anthony Raglani of 	26 Jx
Jamie Hoffman of 	25 IE
Marshall McDougall 3b 	25 Jx
Blake DeWitt 3b 	24 IE
Chin Lung Hu ss         24Jx

 Hits-- 	        hits tm
Chin Lung Hu ss 	59 Jx
Russell Mitchell 3b 	50 IE
Lucas May c 	        47 IE
Xavier Paul of 	        47 Jx
Jamie Hoffman of 	46 IE
Marshall McDougall 3b 	46 Jx
Delwyn Young of 	46 LV
James Loney 1b 	        45 LV
Blake DeWitt 3b 	42 IE
Eduardo Perez 1b 	41 GL

 Doubles	        2b tm
Chin Lung Hu ss 	17 Jx
Russell Mitchell 3b	17 IE
Delwyn Young of 	16 LV
Mitch Jones of 	        13 LV
James Loney 1b 	        12 LV
Marshall McDougall 3b 	12 Jx
Jamie Hoffman of 	11 IE
Larry Bigbie of 	10 LV
Matt Kemp of 	        10 LV
Lucas May c 	        10 IE
Eduardo Perez 1b 	10 GL
Anthony Raglani of 	10 Jx

 Triples--	        3b tm
Anthony Raglani of	4 Jx
Ryan Rogowski of	4 IE
Chin Lung Hu ss	        3 Jx
Ivan De Jesus ss	3 IE

 Home runs--	        hr tm
Mitch Jones of 	        13 LV
John Lindley 1b	        10 Jx
Lucas May c	         9 IE
Marshall McDougall 3b	 9 Jx
Anthony Raglani of	 8 Jx
Russell Mitchell 3b	 6 IE
Delwyn Young of	         5 LV
Josh Bell 3b	         4 GL
Travis Denker 2b	 4 IE
Cory Dunlap 1b	         4 Jx
Sergio Garcia 2b	 4 LV
Xavier Paul of	         4 Jx
Eduardo Perez 1b	 4 GL

 Runs batted in--	rbi tm
Mitch Jones of	        39 LV
Lucas May c	        36 IE
Marshall McDougall 3b	33 Jx
Jamie Hoffman of	31 IE
Anthony Raglani of	28 Jx
John Lindley 1b	        27 Jx
James Loney 1b	        27 LV
Russell Mitchell 3b	25 IE
Delwyn Young of	        24 LV
Sergio Garcia 2b	23 LV
Xavier Paul of	        23 Jx

 Stolen bases--         sb-cs tm
Ryan Rogowski of	14-3 IE
Tray Robinson of	10-1 GL
Fran Lizarraga ss	 8-2 GL
Chin Lung Hu ss	         8-4 Jx
Xavier Paul of	         7-1 Jx
Jamie Hoffman of	 7-3 IE
Eduardo Perez 1b	 6-0 GL
Adam Godwin of	         6-1 IE
Matt Kemp of	         6-1 LV
Preston Mattingly ss	 6-1 GL


 Wins--		         w-l tm
Cory Wade	         6-0 IE
D.J. Houlton	         5-2 LV
Jonathan Meloan	         5-2 Jx
Eric Cyr	         4-1 Jx
Clayton Kershaw	         4-2 GL
William Juarez	         4-3 Jx/LV
Eric Stults	         4-4 LV

 Saves--	         sv tm
Jonathan Meloan	        5 Jx
Brent Leach	        4 IE
Matt Riley 	        4 Jx/LV
Jesus Rodriguez	        2 GL
Luis Gonzalez	        2 LV/Jx
Garrett White	        2 GL
Wes Wright	        2 Jx

 Earned run average--
    [starters]	        era tm
Eric Cyr	        2.47 Jx
Clayton Kershaw	        2.79 GL
D.J. Houlton	        2.91 LV
Cody White	        2.91 GL
Justin Orenduff	        3.21 Jx
James McDonald	        3.50 IE
Jesus Castillo	        3.91 IE
Miguel Pinango	        4.04 IE/LV
Thomas Melgarejo	4.50 GL
Javy Guerra	        4.57 IE

 Earned run average--
    [relief]	        era tm
Brent Leach	        0.45 InE
Matt Riley 	        1.47 Jx
Francisco Felix	        1.55 GL/IE
Ramon Troncoso	        1.61 IE/Jx
Miguel Sanfler	        1.78 GL
Mark Alexander	        1.39 LV/Jx
David Pfeiffer	        2.46 IE
Garrett White	        2.21 GL
Jesus Rodriguez	        2.25 GL
Cory Wade	        2.37 IE

 Hits per nine innings--
    [starters]	         h/9 tm
Greg Miller	        4.81 LV
Clayton Kershaw	        6.43 GL
James McDonald	        7.22 IE
D.J. Houlton	        7.41 LV
Miguel Pinango	        8.55 IE/LV
Cody White	        8.79 GL
Eric Cyr	        8.98 Jx
Justin Orenduff	        9.00 Jx
Thomas Melgarejo	9.25 GL
Javy Guerra	        9.42 IE

 Hits per nine innnings--
    [relief]	        h/9 tm
Luis Gonzalez	        5.33 LV/Jx
Francisco Felix	        5.60 GL/IE
Jonathan Meloan	        5.70 Jx
Garrett White	        6.27 GL
Brent Leach	        6.30 InE
Wes Wright	        6.58 Jx
Cory Wade	        6.87 IE
Ramon Troncoso	        7.07 IE/Jx
Miguel Sanfler	        7.53 GL

 Games--	        gm tm
Matt White	        25 LV
Casey Hoorelbeke	20 LV
Eric Hull	        18 LV
Jacobo Meque	        18 IE
Mark Alexander	        17 LV/Jx
Ramon Troncoso	        17 IE/Jx
Jonathan Meloan	        16 Jx
Wes Wright	        15 Jx

 Games started--	gs tm
Eric Cyr	        10 Jx
Jesus Castillo	         9 IE
Javy Guerra	         9 IE
D.J. Houlton	         9 LV
Clayton Kershaw	         9 GL
Michael Megrew	         9 Jx
Eric Stults	         9 LV
Cody White	         9 GL
William Juarez	         9 Jx/LV

 Innings--	        in tm
Eric Cyr	        58.1 Jx
D.J. Houlton	        52.2 LV
Jesus Castillo	        50.2 InE
William Juarez	        50.1 Jx/LV
Eric Stults	        46.2 LV
James McDonald	        46.1 InE
Cody White	        46.1 GL
Michael Megrew	        44.1 Jx
Alvis Ojeda	        42.2 Jx
Miguel Pinango	        42.1 IE/LV

 Strikeouts--	        so tm
Clayton Kershaw	        61 GL
James McDonald	        54 IE
D.J. Houlton	        50 LV
Michael Megrew	        47 Jx
Jesus Castillo	        43 IE
Cory Wade	        42 IE
Matt Riley	        42 LV
Eric Stults	        41 LV
Javy Guerra	        40 IE
Eric Cyr	        40 Jx

 Strikeouts per 9 innings-
    [starters]	        so/9 tm
Clayton Kershaw	        13.07 GL
James McDonald	        10.54 IE
Greg Miller	         9.96 LV
Michael Megrew	         9.59 Jx
Javy Guerra	         8.76 IE
D.J. Houlton	         8.62 LV
Justin Orenduff	         8.04 Jx
Eric Stults	         7.99 LV
Josh Wall	         7.85 GL
Jesus Castillo	         7.71 IE

 Strikeouts per nine innings--
    [relief]	        so/9 tm
Matt Riley	        14.54 Jx/LV
Jonathan Meloan	        13.44 Jx
Garrett White	        12.54 GL
Brian Akin	        12.17 Jx
Mark Alexander	        11.94 LV/Jx
Luis Gonzalez	        11.84 LV/Jx
Wes Wright	        11.42 Jx
Brent Leach	        10.35 IE
Ramon Troncoso	        10.29 IE/Jx
Jordan Pratt	        10.00 IE

 Walks per nine innings--
    [starters]	        bb/9 tm
Eric Cyr	        2.01 Jx
Miguel Pinango          2.35 IE/LV
Josh Wall	        2.77 GL
Jesus Castillo	        2.81, InE
James McDonald	        2.93 InE
Eric Stults	        3.12 LV
Michael Megrew	        3.27 Jx
Thomas Melgarejo	3.50 GL
William Juarez	        3.95 Jx/LV
D.J. Houlton	        4.14 LV

 Walks per nine innings--
    [relief]	        bb/9 tm
Ramon Troncoso	        0.96 IE/Jx
Jesus Rodriguez	        1.29 GL
Casey Hoorelbeke	2.09 LV
Francisco Felix	        2.24 GL/IE
Cory Wade	        2.37 InE
Mike Gardner	        2.47 GL
Spike Lundberg	        2.73 LV
Garrett White	        3.13 GL
Matt White	        3.39 LV
Jonathan Meloan	        4.07 Jx
 Key:  LVLas Vegas
         Jx= Jacksonville
         IE= Inland Empire
         GL= Great Lakes