A Second Look at The Top Prospects

Two months of the season are in the books so as we move into June, it's time for our second review of how the top prospects who were rated coming into the campaign are doing currently.

1- Clayton Kershaw, lhp, Great Lakes- He has two losses so he's mortal but the rest of the time he pitches as if the mound is Mount Olympus. He's 6-2, 2.12, has struck out 74 in 55 innings and is holding hitters to a paltry .178 mark.

2- Matt Kemp, of, Las Vegas.- The way he's hitting, it will be tough to keep him down on the farm. Hitting .338 with three homers and has also stolen nine bases.

3- Scott Elbert, lhp, Jacksonville. Shoulder tendinitis has sidelined him for over a month so it has to be a major concern. Was throwing well before that (0-1 with a 3.86 ERA).

4- James Loney, 1b, Las Vegas.- His average is down 100 points below what he hit last year but it's still a very respectable .284. He has only one homer (hit in his first at-bat) but he does have 17 doubles and 32 RBI so he's coming along just fine.

5- Andy LaRoche, 3b.- He finally got his chance to play third for L.A . Or did he? Sent to the bench, then back to Las Vegas where he is down to .228 with three home runs.

6- Hong-Chih Kuo, lhp, Los Angeles.- Riding a shuttle between L.A. and Vegas. Was 0-1, 3.60 for the 51's when called up once again. Lost his first start but pitched strongly after a shaky first inning so will get another start at least.

7- Blake DeWitt, 3b, Inland Empire.- After a slow start has been hitting much better lately. Is up to .256 with five homers.

8- Greg Miller, lhp, Las Vegas. - Nobody is currently traveling in reverse faster. Simply hasn't been able to throw the ball over the plate (46 walks in 28.2 innings). Now 1-1 with a 7.85 ERA.

9- Ivan DeJesus, Jr, ss, Inland Empire- Hasn't really broken out yet but generally has been quite competent. Hit his first home run. Batting .260

10- Tony Abreu, 3b, Los Angeles.- He's playing out of position at third after being called up but he's hitting .342 so they're delighted.

11- Delwyn Young, of, Las Vegas- He's currently on a hot streak; the kind he always seems capable of coming up with. 302 -7-36.

12- Jon Meloan, rhp, Jacksonville.- Has continually gotten the job done as the closer for the Suns. Is 5-2, 2.57 with nine saves.

13- Josh Bell, 3b, Great Lakes- He, too, has been raking the ball lately. Now .271-7-29.

14- Justin Orenduff, rhp, Jacksonville.- Moved into the rotation after coming back from shoulder surgery, he was doing a great job until he faltered in his last start. Now 1-1, 3.89.

15- Bryan Morris, rhp.- Still rehabbing and out for the year after T.J surgery so let's look at #16, Preston Mattingly, 2b, Great Lakes. The move to second seems to have steadied him in the field and he started getting with it at bat as well. He's up to .247 now with two home runs and five triples.

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