Would You Take Milton Bradley Back?

Ex-Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley, the multi-talented, multi- problemed player the Dodgers swapped for Andre Ethier has been placed on the to be moved list by the Oakland A's. The A's, under the current players agreement would be responsible for Bradley's complete 2007 salary, and have 10 days to trade him or release him under the rules. He has said he would not go to the minors.

The Dodgers are short in the outfield.

Would you take him back? Why not?

Particularly since if the Dodgers could wait until he had become a free agent and then sign him. Under the rules, the A's would pay him and the Dodgers would have essentially a free player for the rest of the year.

Bradley can play center. The Dodgers would be able to play an outfield of Luis Gonzalez and Andre Ethier on other side of Bradley, with Matt Kemp alternating with both Gonzalez or Ethier depending upon which player was not hot at the time. Bradley could even be platooned with Juan Pierre in center as well as being the key lefty pinch hitter.

Is Bradley better than Marlon Anderson? Yes he is.

After a really hot start, Winston Abreu has cooled off and could go back to Triple A. Marlon Anderson could be the backup at both 2B or 3B. Still slumping Wilson Betemit could also spell Jeff Kent at 2B.

Signing Bradley on the short term makes sense in a lot of ways. He wasn't handled awfully well by the Dodgers last time around, but GM Ned Colletti and Manager Grady Little weren't around last time. Bradley would be playing under new management.

The Dodgers would surely have competition for Bradley. There aren't, if you haven't noticed, that many good outfielders around these days (every fantasy player knows this). The Yankees have a need, the Braves are playing an infielder in the outfield, and on and on.

There have been a number of interesting players cut loose in recent days. The Red Sox cut loose a seasoned lefty from the bullpen, J.C. Romero. The Yankees designated  an interesting first baseman-outfielder. Chan Ho Park is looking for a big league spot. As with Bradley, any would come at somebody else's expense.

Something to think about.  

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