Oldest Back-To-Back Triples?

When 39-year-old Dodgers cleanup hitter Jeff Kent chugged out a surprise triple only to be followed by another triple by 40-year- old number five hitter Luis Gonzalez, it surely had to set a major league all time baseball record. If not, it certainly set a franchise record.

The shocker took place in the Dodgers 6-3 win over the Tampa Bay squad Friday night. The triples hit by the Dodgers aging hitters was improbable. No other big league team is even playing two guys this old in the critical four and five slots.

The two shots may have had something to do with the Tampa Bay outfiedl.

Kent's triple came when the Tampa Bay right fielder, playing a strange out of position in center, lost Kent's slam in the lights. Gonzo's triple came when the Tampa Bay right fielder over stretched for the ball and it bounced off the heel of his glove.

Both would score important insurance runs that improbably helped starter Derek Lowe, who has been victimized by lack of run support all year. Lowe won his 8th and it could easily, given some more support, have been his league leading 12th of the year.

The two three-baggers overshadowed a game when the Dodgers played mostly next year's staring lineup (Martin-Loney-Abreau-Furcal-Betemit-Ethier-Pierre-Kent). James Loney had three hits, albeit one came against a normal routine double play infield grounder through a drawn in infield, upping his early batting average over .400 to join Kemp in that category. 

Loney, who did have an error, also made three sparkling plays afield and slipping quickly to his right showed how he fields all of first and half of second. Loney could easily force Nomar Garciaparra to move to third next season unless he wants to be Wally Pipp-ed out of the lineup.

After the game, Manager Grady Little focused his praise on the 40 year old Gonzo, calling him the team's best hitter, a nice tribute for a player 40 years young.