Chatting with Clayton Kershaw

In case you have not heard, Great Lakes Loons lefty Clayton Kershaw has been selected to play in the MLB Futures Game which will occur during All Star weekend at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The game will take place on July 8th and can be seen on ESPN 2 at 4 p.m. EST.

I had a chance to talk with Kershaw after the game on Thursday and we discussed everything from his being selected to play in the Futures game, his excitement and nervousness, as well as his goals for the second half of the season.

CH: So when did you find out that you were going to pitch in the Futures game?
CK: I heard some rumors yesterday that I might get selected and today was when I find out and obviously I'm very excited about it.

CH: Surprised?
CK: Yeah a little bit. I heard of the game and I knew that there was an outside possibility but nothing has stuck in my mind. Definitely a big honor and a big surprise.

CH: Have you ever played in a big league ball park?
CK: Yeah, I played some games in high school at the ballpark in Arlington and a couple scout's games at Minute Maid park in Houston but I've never been to San Francisco so I'm pretty excited about it.

CH: Are you nervous about it? You're the youngest player on the US team?
CK: You know, I'm sure I will be nervous when I get there. I'm always nervous whenever I pitch and there will be some added nervousness for sure. But pitching is pitching and I'm sure that I will be fine.

CH: Are you surprised that you are still with the Loons?
CK: No, not at all. It's not my decision, nothing that I can control about it. As long as they're not telling me anything, I'm expecting to start the next game I start. Hopefully, I will get moved up at some point in the season but it's nothing that I can control. If I pitch well enough, they will have no choice, you know, it's something that they have to do, kinda forcing them if I'm pitching good.

CH: What sorts of things will you be working on in the second half?
CK: You know, just building on what I did [halfway through] the first half. I've gotten a lot better with my changeups during the last couple starts, started throwing that for strikes, throwing it more often which is what I'm going to focus on more in the second half, trying to throw it when I'm behind in counts, don't sit on fastballs like during the [Midwest League] All Star game and see what happens. I was behind in the count and threw a fastball and he hit it about five hundred miles it seemed like.

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