They're Doing Just Fine Down Dominican Way

The folks at Campo Las Palmas were promised by no one less than Frank McCourt that the rather tawdry teams they have experienced the last few years would become an unpleasant memory. So far, this season, the Dodgers have delivered as promised.

Even without two pitchers they were counting on heavily, LA's entry in the Dominican Summer League is, at last count, 13-6. That's quite a distance from the 2006 entry that finished 11 games under .500.

There are 22 rookies on the current roster which indicates the turnover engineered by Ralph Avila who came out of semi-retirement to shape up the scouting corps.

They had thought to keep Kelvin Dominguez and Pedro Noboa, two pitching mainstays from last year, but when Dominguez began with an 0.96 ERA, it was decided to move him up to the Gulf Coast League where he's reporting this week. Noboa is on the disabled list so hasn't pitched at all.

Still, pitching has been the mainstay of this team just as it was back in the days when the Dodgers dominated the league. They have a team ERA of 2.89 and have held opposing hitters to a .207 mark.

Lefthander Geison Aguasvivas is 3-0, 0.56 to lead the way with righthander Luis Ferreras sporting a 2-0, 1.17 record. They think a lot of lefty Bolivar Medina, who's 1-1, 2.84.

The hitters they're getting a lot of production from are catcher Pedro Tavarez, who's batting .278, good for 14 runs batted in in 15 games. He's shown good pop with six doubles, a triple and a home run.

Third baseman Pedro Guerrero may not be related to his namesake whom Dodger fans remember fondly but he's something of a hitter, too with a .288 average. Outfielder Adrian Aviles is hitting .277 while first baseman Jose Arias is showing power.

In all, manager Pedro Mega's team is showing that while the Dodgers may not dominate the island the way they did in the past, they're once again an organization to be reckoned with.

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