James Loney for Teixiera? -- Never

James Loney and others for Mark Teixiera? Why in the world anyone with a sane mind would want to consider swapping young James Loney, young Matt Kemp, young Jonathan Broxton and the minor league  hurler Clayton Kershaw for a bunch of old guys from Texas who are Scott Boras clients in beyond us.

Why swap kids who'll be doing great but playing for peanuts for a couple of players being paid too much for not doing so much this year?

But, as Billy Shelley pointed out, why are all the Dodgers scouts spending so much time in Texas?

Emptying out the new models in LA for used items in Texas is something for the Yankees and George Steinbrenner.

Derek Lowe, okay. The poor guy has been  guilty of non-support all year, has already evidenced of interest in going else at the end of next  year when his contract runs out.

Lefty Kuo, okay. He's had two big arm surgeries already and is a guy who's arm could give out any pitch.

Chad Billingsley, okay. He's been dissed by the powers that be and undoubtedly would do better elsewhere - and Kershaw is on the way anyway.

There's no chance another team would be standing in line to relieve the Dodgers of the two $40 million contracts of Juan Pierre or Jason Schmidt, much less the  year and a half remaining on Nomar Garciaparra who has more children than homers this year.

The Dodgers are going to have to find a replacement for Jeff Kent soon enough. And also for the aging hit-wonder Luis Gonzalez.

They are going to need the kids.

The Dodgers are top heavy with big salaries already. For the money involved in any deal for Teixiera, they would be better off looking at the Florida Marlins and their heavy hitting third baseman Miguel Cabrera and lefty Dontrelle Willis, who is having on a so-so year for him. That makes more sense.

Say it ain't so Ned (Colletti). Say it ain't so.

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