Young, Kershaw Dominate the Top 10

In an exclusive feature of and Dodger Dugout news magazine, the top 10 full-season leaders are listed.

Outfielder Delwyn Young of Las Vegas leads five different categories, including batting average, runs, hits, doubles and RBI. John Lindsey of Las Vegas is the leader in slugging average and on-base plus slugging, while Ryan Rogowski of Inland Empire tops the speed categories: triples and stolen bases.

In the pitching department, Clayton Kershaw of Great Lakes is the leader in strikeouts per nine innings and hits per nine innings by a starter; Jon Melon of Jacksonville tops the charts in saves and hits per nine innings (relief) and Kyle Wilson of leads in walks plus hits per inning and walks per nine innings (relief).
The top 10

 Batting average
.345 Delwyn Young of LV
.344 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
.326 Ed Perez 1b GL
.313 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.313 Travis Denker 2b IE
.312 Adolfo Gonzalez 2b GL
.310 James Peterson of GL
.309 Jamie Hoffman of IE
.305 Juan Gonzalez 2b Jx
.301 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.300 Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx

 On-base percentage
.400 Shane Justis 2b IE
.391 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
.389 Delwyn Young of LV
.389 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.387 Travis Denker 2b IE
.385 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.382 Ed Perez 1b GL
.378 Juan Gonzalez 2b Jx
.375 Jamie Hoffman of IE
.374 Anthony Raglani of Jx

 Slugging average
.627 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
.605 Delwyn Young of LV
.589 Alberto Concepcion c Jx
.545 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
.541 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
.494 Anthony Raglani of Jx
.482 Ed Perez 1b GL
.477 Josh Bell 3b GL
.471 Lucas May c IE
.464 Travis Denker 2b IE

 On-base + slugging
1.016 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
 .994 Delwyn Young of LV
 .965 Cory Dunlap 1b Jx
 .931 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
 .930 Andy LaRoche 3b LV
 .867 Anthony Raglani of Jx
 .864 Ed Perez 1b GL
 .863 Wilson Valdez 2b LV/Jx
 .851 Travis Denker 2b IE
 .839 Alberto Concepcion c Jx

94 Marshall McDougall 3b LV/Jx
93 Anthony Raglani of Jx
92 Xavier Paul of Jx
89 Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
88 Delwyn Young of LV
88 Lucas May c IE
88 Ivan de Jesus ss IE
87 Ryan Rogowski of IE
86 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
86 Russell Mitchell 1b IE

77 Delwyn Young of LV
66 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
57 Lucas May c IE
55 Xavier Paul of Jx
54 Anthony Raglani of Jx
52 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
51 Travis Denker 2b IE
50 Josh Bell 3b GL
50 Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
49 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV

123 Delwyn Young of LV
122 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
108 Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
101 Xavier Paul of Jx
100 Ed Perez 1b GL
 92 Marshall McDougall 3b LV/Jx
 92 Jamie Hoffman of IE
 88 Ivan de Jesus ss IE
 87 Travis Denker 2b IE
 87 Lucas May c IE

37 Delwyn Young of LV
31 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
30 Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
23 Marshall McDougall 3b LV/Jx
20 Travis Denker 2b IE
20 Jamie Hoffman of IE
20 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
20 Anthony Raglani of Jx
20 Ryan Rogowski of IE
19 Josh Bell 3b GL
19 James Tomlin of IE/Jx
19 Matt Berezay of GL

7 Ryan Rogowski of IE
6 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
5 Preston Mattingly 2b GL
5 Anthony Raglani of Jx
4 Delwyn Young of LV

 Home runs
19 Lucas May c IE
16 Delwyn Young of LV
15 Anthony Raglani of Jx
13 Josh Bell 3b GL
13 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
12 Marshall McDougall 3b LV/Jx
10 Ed Perez 1b GL
 9 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
 9 Alberto Concepcion c Jx
 9 Andy LaRoche 3b LV

 Runs batted in
75 Delwyn Young of LV
68 Lucas May c IE
60 John Lindsey 1b Jx/LV
57 Marshall McDougall 3b LV/Jx
55 Jamie Hoffman of IE
52 Anthony Raglani of Jx
51 Josh Bell 3b GL
49 Blake DeWitt 3b IE/Jx
45 Russell Mitchell 1b IE
43 Alberto Concepcion c Jx
43 Ed Perez 1b GL

 Stolen bases
27-5 Ryan Rogowski of IE
17-8 Xavier Paul of Jx
15-4 James Tomlin of IE/Jx
15-5 Tray Robinson of GL
14-6 Adam Godwin of IE
13-6 Jamie Hoffman of IE
12-4 Chin-Lung Hu ss Jx/LV
12-10 Bridger Hunt of GL/IE
11-3 Ivan de Jesus ss IE
10-3 Preston Mattingly 2b GL


 Games won
9-1 Marlon Arias IE
8-7 James McDonald IE/Jx
8-6 William Juarez Jx/LV
8-5 Cody White GL
7-0 Cody Wade IE/Jx
7-2 Clayton Kershaw GL
7-2 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
7-4 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
6-1 Joey Norrito Jx
6-6 Mike Megrew Jx
6-7 Miguel Pinango IE/LV

18 Jon Meloan Jx
11 Kyle Wilson IE
10 Miguel Ramirez GL
 9 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
 8 Eric Hull LV
 6 Cody Wade IE/Jx
 6 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
 4 Matt Riley Jx/LV

 Walks+hits per inning
0.77 Kyle Wilson IE
0.94 Jon Meloan Jx
0.99 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
1.00 Cody Wade IE/Jx
1.10 Joey Norrito Jx
1.14 James McDonald IE/Jx
1.19 Casey Hoorelbeke LV
1.20 Francisco Felix GL/IE
1.20 Garrett White GL
1.20 Clayton Kershaw GL

43 Casey Hoorelbeke LV
38 Jacobo Meque IE
37 Eric Hull LV
34 Jon Meloan Jx
31 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
31 Miguel Ramirez GL
31 Jordan Pratt IE
30 Matt Riley Jx /LV
30 Wesley Wright Jx/LV

18 Mike Megrew Jx
17 Jesus Castillo IE
17 Josh Wall GL
16 Javy Guerra IE
16 Clayton Kershaw GL
15 Justin Orenduff Jx
15 Marlon Arias IE
14 Cody White GL
13 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
12 Tom Melgarejo GL

106 William Juarez Jx/LV
100 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
 94 Josh Wall GL
 93 Jesus Castillo IE
 93 James McDonald IE/Jx
 88 Mike Megrew Jx
 83 Joey Norrito Jx
 83 Javy Guerra IE
 81 Clayton Kershaw GL
 78 Marlon Arias IE

118 James McDonald IE/Jx
111 Clayton Kershaw GL
 86 Javy Guerra IE
 85 Mike Megrew Jx
 84 William Juarez Jx/LV
 77 Josh Wall GL
 75 Jesus Castillo IE
 74 Jordan Pratt IE
 74 Brian Akin Jx

 Strikeouts per nine innings
12.32 Clayton Kershaw GL
 9.33 Javy Guerra IE
 8.97 Justin Orenduff Jx
 8.69 Mike Megrew Jx
 7.45 Cody White GL
 7.37 Josh Wall GL
 7.30 Zach Hammes Jx
 7.25 Jesus Castillo IE
 7.12 William Juarez Jx/LV
 7.00 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
 Strikeouts per nine innings
15.69 Cody Wade IE/Jx
13.54 Jon Meloan Jx
12.57 Brian Akin Jx
12.56 Jacobo Meque  IE
12.04 Matt Riley Jx /LV
11.42 James McDonald IE/Jx
10.81 Garrett White GL
10.77 Luis Gonzalez LV/Jx
10.54 Jordan Pratt IE
10.44 Eric Hull LV

 Hits per nine innings
6.21 Clayton Kershaw GL
8.04 Cody White GL
8.76 Joey Norrito Jx
8.97 Zach Hammes Jx
9.22 Javy Guerra IE
9.24 Justin Orenduff Jx
9.32 Marlon Arias IE
9.48 Josh Wall GL
9.56 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
9.61 Mike Megrew Jx

 Hits per nine innings
4.79 Jon Meloan Jx
5.88 Kyle Wilson IE
6.15 Luis Gonzalez LV/Jx
6.17 Greg Miller LV/Jx
6.87 Miguel Ramirez GL
7.08 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
7.84 Francisco Felix GL/IE
8.00 Wesley Wright Jx/LV
8.03 James McDonald IE/Jx
8.10 Eric Hull LV

 Walks per nine innings
1.19 Joey Norrito Jx
2.28 Zach Hammes Jx
2.69 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
2.90 Jesus Castillo IE
3.45 Josh Wall GL
3.68 Marlon Arias IE
4.15 William Juarez Jx/LV
4.15 Justin Orenduff Jx
4.19 Mike Megrew Jx
4.63 Tom Melgarejo GL

 Walks per nine innings
1.04 Kyle Wilson IE
1.98 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
2.23 James McDonald IE/Jx
2.25 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
2.30 Mike Gardner GL
2.57 Garrett White GL
2.86 Casey Hoorelbeke LV
3.00 Francisco Felix  GL/IE
3.63 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
3.75 Jon Meloan Jx