Kershaw Responds to Trade Rumors

With the approaching trading deadline, rumors are circulated somewhere in the stratosphere about who is going where as some teams scramble to finish in the playoffs while other teams clean out the closet. And suddenly, it happened to Dodger's prospect Clayton Kershaw that he could possibly be shipped to the Texas Rangers as part of a deal that would bring first baseman Mark Texiera to Los Angeles.

Remember: this is just a rumor that I talked briefly about with Kershaw after Thursday night's game at Dow Diamond.

"You can't get caught up in that," Kershaw laughed as he shook his head. "The Rangers are a great team but the Dodgers are obviously the team that I want to be with. They've treated me right."

But, nonetheless, they have Kershaw thinking as he learned of the potential move from friends who read it in the Texas papers back home. And though Kershaw might want to go back to his home state to eventually pitch in front of family and friends, he emphasized several times that he has "nothing but love" for the Los Angeles organization and his place within it.

"I was like ‘whatever," Kershaw said. "It's not going to happen. The trading deadline is coming up so rumors are going to get started."

And in baseball, there tends to be tons of those as I mentioned before. As a matter of fact, I heard my name mentioned in a trade rumor involving the Kansas City Royals but they have no reason to make that team any worse than it already is.

But all kidding aside, the Dodger's would be wrong to deal Kershaw to the Rangers because he has the skills to not only make the major leagues, but several ESPN highlight reels as well.

However, it is becoming clear that all the rumors (yes, even more of those) about Kershaw departing Midland to move higher in the ranks of the Dodger's organization are becoming more weightless as the minor league season is entering it's final full month.

Clayton will even admit that he still has to mature as a professional pitcher and, having at times, become frustrated over the amount of walks that he has allowed this season.

In closing, expect the Dodger's to hold on to their prize lefty and the Royals to stay away from my lack of arm and blind guy's-like batting swing. It looks like we are both staying in Midland, at least for a little while anyway.