Dodgers Selected As Dominican All-Stars

In a way it is the Caribbean version of the Futures Game, the seventh annual Dominican Summer League All-Star game Sunday which features a horde of players who in the next few years will be crowding over here to become big names of the game.

Two Dodgers- their top pitcher and best hitter - have been chosen to play for the National All-Stars who'll face their counterparts from American League-sponsored teams. In addition, Dodger manager Pedro Mega has been named one of the coaches for the Nationals.

Lefthander Geison Aguasviva and Pedro Guerrero, who plays both third base and shortstop, are the Dodgers who'll participate. Both are second-year performers in this league and both have come into their own this season.

Aguasviva is a 19-year-old (he'll be 20 next month) who currently has a 5-2 record with a 1.15 ERA. He's 6-2 , 166, and has demonstrated excellent control, striking out 39 batters in the 38 innings he's worked while walking only seven. Batters are managing only a .176 average against him.

Guerrero signed July 10, 2006 and played toward the end of last season, managing only a 139 average. This season, though, he's proved to be, like his namesake, an excellent hitter. He currently has a .324 average with one home run and 22 runs batted in in 38 games.

This Pedro- who's not related to the other- is only 18 but he's big- 6-3, 181.

Unlike the US All-Star game, the National League has been dominant in this one. The Americans won the first in 2001 but the Nationals have won four since with the 2003 game being suspended by rain.

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