The Dugout Mail Bag

Questions in our mail box include the high price of attending games and the blackout regulations, both of which we had no good answer for. We did correct the top-10 minor league list after we got a rousing response to our error.

Prices-- Why have prices increased so much? While it costs $6 for a burger combo outside the stadium, inside it costs over $15. That is beyond inflation.
Parking costs $15 now. Many people don't even pay that much for valet parking. Why so much? It is reasonable for a car with 4 or more in it, but for 2 or less, it is very expensive.
Going to the Dodger games is no longer a reasonable night out. It is about $50 a person or more. Is that really what you want to be happening? With a family, it goes well over $100, especially for better seats, just for a night at the ballgame.
The variety of foods is excellent, but ... the prices way too high. Will the prices ever come back down some? --Camelot.

I can't answer for the Dodgers, but traveling around from stadium to park to field, it seems that those sort of prices are the norm. Even spring training tickets to games that see the regulars leaving in the third, fourth and fifth innings are $20.00 for tickets and the concession stands are pretty much the same. Club officials would probably talk about the high cost of doing business, including $10 million contracts, and we can't argue with that.

TV Schedule-- We live in PA and we were wondering why so many times we cannot get the Dodgers on the TV. Fo instance, they are playing today, sunday, July 22, and we can't see it televised. Do you know why it is not on cable? --Paul I don't understand the "blackout" rules that govern television. I have prime ticket and still missed most of the New York series. Of course, FOX had dibs on Saturday games, so if you don't carry those channels, you won't get the game and even then, the "blackout" thing comes up. I live in Nebraska and am about 1800 miles from either New York or Los Angeles, yet they protect the territorial setup, thinking, I suppose, I just might drive in for a game. Calls and letter to Major League Baseball go unanswered, so this must be put in the same folder labeled Inexplicable with Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, the Bermuda Triangle and O.J.'s innocent verdict.

Whoops!, Department-- We had a number of readers who pointed out that a "Marquis pitching attraction" didn't involve a member of the British royalty and should have read "Marquee attraction" when Lowe Met Glavine in the opening game of the Mets Series.

Whoops! II--The article regarding the stats for the Dodger minors, shows pitcher James McDonald as a relief pitcher in some of the stats. His stats should be listed under the starters. --James.

You are so correct. Someone on our staff (most likely me), sorted the three categories that were wrong: strikeouts per nine innings, hits per nine innings and walks per nine innings and while I can't fire the culprit, I've given him a good talking to.

Here are the correct listings:
 Hits per nine innings
6.21 Clayton Kershaw GL
8.03 James McDonald IE/Jx
8.04 Cody White GL
8.76 Joey Norrito Jx
8.97 Zach Hammes Jx
9.22 Javy Guerra IE
9.24 Justin Orenduff Jx
9.32 Marlon Arias IE
9.48 Josh Wall GL
9.56 Miguel Pinango IE/LV

 Hits per nine innings
4.79 Jon Meloan Jx
5.88 Kyle Wilson IE
6.15 Luis Gonzalez LV/Jx
6.17 Greg Miller LV/Jx
6.87 Miguel Ramirez GL
7.08 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
7.84 Francisco Felix GL/IE
8.00 Wesley Wright Jx/LV
8.10 Eric Hull LV

 Walks per nine innings
1.19 Joey Norrito Jx
2.23 James McDonald IE/Jx
2.28 Zach Hammes Jx
2.69 Miguel Pinango IE/LV
2.90 Jesus Castillo IE
3.45 Josh Wall GL
3.68 Marlon Arias IE
4.15 William Juarez Jx/LV
4.15 Justin Orenduff Jx
4.19 Mike Megrew Jx

 Walks per nine innings
1.04 Kyle Wilson IE
1.98 Eric Cyr Jx/LV
2.25 Jesus Rodriguez GL/IE
2.30 Mike Gardner GL
2.57 Garrett White GL
2.86 Casey Hoorelbeke LV
3.00 Francisco Felix  GL/IE
3.63 Ramon Troncoso IE/Jx
3.75 Jon Meloan Jx
No one likes to make mistakes, but we certainly do appreciate it when you let us know. Questions for Tot or Bill can be sent to or Sorry we can't answer each one of you personally.